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28 November 2022 11: 15
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Humanitarian aid from abroad and payments to residents of the Kherson region in the amount of UAH 3400: how to get

Another 20 Ukrainians will receive payments under eAid.

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Humanitarian aid from abroad and payments to residents of the Kherson region in the amount of UAH 3400: how to get

Ukrainians who find themselves in difficult conditions continue to receive financial and food assistance. This time we tell you how to get help from abroad and how residents of the de-occupied territories of the Kherson region can get financial support from the state.

How to get a set of things and products?

Humanitarian aid from abroad can be obtained by contacting one of the largest humanitarian aid logistics hubs in Eastern Europe, Help Ukraine Center. Since the beginning of the war, he has been accepting humanitarian aid from all over the world, and then sending it to Ukraine. The organization has 3 warehouses in Europe, from which you can get targeted assistance. For this you need:

  • go on the website SpivDiya and press the "necessary assistance" button, select the "humanitarian" service and fill in your details, adding a copy of your passport, phone number and address to them;
  • then you need to indicate the reason why you need help (immigrant, unemployed, large family, disability, pensioner, etc.), and also indicate how many other people in the family need help;
  • you need to indicate what is required: hygiene products, clothing, food, etc .;
  • You can also send a message via the organization's official Facebook page.

Ukrainians who received help from the organization posted online photos of what they were sent, for example:

Humanitarian aid from abroad and payments to residents of the Kherson region in the amount of UAH 3400: how to get it - photo 1

How can residents of the Kherson region get help?

Residents of liberated Kherson and the region can receive financial support within the framework of joint projects of the Ministry of Reintegration, Ukrposhta and international organizations.

Thus, citizens who were under occupation will be paid a one-time financial assistance in the amount of 1200 and 2200 hryvnias in cash per person through Ukrposhta. Both adults and children are eligible for this assistance.

Funding lists formed by social workers local authorities. To receive financial support, you must first contact the appropriate local council.

You can also apply for financial assistance online by filling out the Google registration form at the links:

If you have any questions about receiving assistance, you can contact the Ministry of Reintegration at the round-the-clock hotline 15-48.

E-Help also works

The Ministry of Social Policy, within the framework of the memorandum concluded with the international humanitarian organization "A Person in Need", submitted a list of applications for financial assistance for 20000 Ukrainians.

The list includes applications from citizens registered in the occupied territories who have applied for financial assistance from international organizations on eHelp platform.

The Ministry of Social Policy has already submitted lists, which include 3 people, to international organizations for the payment of financial assistance.

After the transfer of the lists, international organizations conduct additional check possible duplicate applications. The final decision on the provision of assistance is made by international organizations. Priority are vulnerable groups of people, in particular internally displaced persons, people with disabilities, pensioners, single parents raising children on their own, low-income families.

We also wrote about how to get vouchers for purchases up to 2500 UAH and sets of winter clothes for IDPs.

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