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04 January 2021 12: 18
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Grenades are sold through Telegram channels: what is happening on the market of illegal weapons in Ukraine

The population wants to allow the free wearing of "short-barrels"

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Grenades are sold through Telegram channels: what is happening on the market of illegal weapons in Ukraine

With the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass, buying firearms on the black market has ceased to be a big problem. As a result, many trunks have accumulated in the hands of the population, which are used every now and then, as the criminal chronicle eloquently speaks of. Against this background, the stubborn desire of some deputies to allow the population to freely carry pistols and other "firearms" for self-defense seems paradoxical. About what is happening with weapons in Ukraine today - in the material "Klimenko Time".

If in other areas of business there has been a stagnation due to quarantine restrictions, then on the black market for weapons, everything is just the opposite. According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, 27 ammunition was seized this year, three times more than in 2019. Most of the "goods" came from the Donbass. The police also note that despite the decrease in the level of crime in the country, in some areas there is a surge in its turnover.

Here are some examples:

In Odessa, in the premises rented by the political party "Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists", have revealed an RPG-26 anti-tank grenade launcher, three grenades and a Skat revolver.

In the Fastovsky district of the Kyiv region, in one of the apartments, the police found a machine gun, a pistol, ammunition and drugs. The perpetrators were arrested.

Photo 1. A warehouse with weapons was found in an apartment near Kyiv

Near Kyiv in the apartment found a warehouse with weapons

Also in Odessa, two men were detained who had established a distribution channel for army "inventory". During the search, law enforcement officers found a Kalashnikov assault rifle (AKS-74u), a converted Makarov pistol, five F-1 grenades, thousands of rounds of ammunition and body armor.

All these cases happened in December.

Prices from 300 hryvnia to 900 dollars

The lion's share of weapons enters the black market from the territory of Donbass. According to official figures alone, since 2014, about 80 thousand guns have been stolen or lost. Independent experts believe that the real figures are much higher. Most often, both former and active military personnel sell weapons. For example, in the case of the sale of weapons in Odessa, which we described above, there were two active servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For a non-specialist, buying a "firearm" and ammunition is not a difficult task. To date, anonymous telegram channels are openly functioning, offering to buy, for example, a Makarov pistol for 400-500 dollars. Automatic weapons cost more. Thus, the radiotelegraph operator of the 65th mobile hospital, convicted in the summer of this year, together with his four accomplices from the JFO zone, sold "Kalashi" for 800-900 dollars apiece. For $1, two grenades were attached to the AK with cartridges, and for $200, in addition to the machine gun and cartridges, the buyer received hexogen explosives. For a grenade, cartridges and a grenade launcher, the merchants asked for 1 thousand UAH.

However, barrels and ammunition are sold cheaper. According to rumors, one AK in the Donbass can be bought for 200-300 dollars, and a Makarov pistol for 300 UAH.

To date, Ukrainian legislation regarding weapons is quite strict.

To date, Ukrainian legislation regarding weapons is quite strict.

Should the population be armed?

To date, Ukrainian legislation regarding weapons is quite strict. From firearms, civilians are allowed to have smooth-bore guns, a rifled rifle and a carbine, provided they have reached the age of 21 and have no criminal record. The legislation also clearly prescribes the conditions for the storage and transportation of weapons. It is forbidden for civilians to have combat and traumatic pistols and machine guns. Besides, by order Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 622 of 1998 indicates the need to obtain permission for the following types of weapons: "pneumatics" with a caliber of more than 4,5 mm and a bullet speed of more than 100 meters per second, crossbows, bows with a bowstring force of more than 20 kg, hunting knives, well and, of course, explosive materials.

According to many shooting organizations, as well as politicians, the current restrictions are outdated and need to be liberalized. Attempts to simplify the access of the population to hunting and short-barreled rifled weapons have been made in Ukraine since the beginning of the XNUMXs. Recently, lobbying for this idea has intensified. In March of this year, two versions of a bill on weapons were submitted to the Verkhovna Rada: № 1222 from 02.09.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX and №1222-1 20.09.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX As a result, both were returned for revision. But already in November, two other bills were submitted: №4335-1 dated 11.11.20/XNUMX/XNUMX "On civilian weapons and ammunition" - author Andrey Sharaskin, "Voice" party. As well as № 4336 dated November 06.11.20, XNUMX, where it was proposed to amend the administrative and criminal codes regarding the handling of weapons. This bill was initiated by fifty deputies.

What are the popularizers of the weapons theme trying to achieve? The main idea is self-defense. If the population is allowed to buy and freely carry short-barreled rifled weapons, crime should supposedly decrease. The authors of the bills refer to the experience of the Baltic countries, Georgia and Moldova, which proves that ensuring the right of citizens to self-defense with firearms, within a year from the date of adoption of the relevant laws, reduced street crime by 40-60%.

“The main purpose of the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Weapons” is the legislative regulation of the acquisition, storage and use of weapons by individuals and legal entities,” the explanatory note to the bill says.

Thus, simplified legislation will not only regulate the circulation of short-barreled firearms in Ukraine, but will also increase liability for their illegal use. The initiators of the project claim that the liberalization of the legislation on weapons will also help to take control of the "black" market. For this you need to enter Single state register of civilian weapons.

Persons who have purchased or want to purchase "barrels" will have to attend courses on the study of the material part of the weapon, the rules for handling it and its use. Everyone who wishes receives a certificate, which indicates information about the owner, as well as the category (categories) of weapons that a person has the right to acquire ownership.

Civilians are encouraged to purchase weapons of categories B, C and D. The most interesting is category C. It includes combat pistols and "injuries" the wearing of which Ukrainians are invited not to limit.

A weighty argument in support of weapons is the fight against corruption. Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has the exclusive right to permits in this area. According to Klimenko Time's sources, employees of the department for 300-400 dollars give the go-ahead for the purchase of a traumatic pistol, the right to which has a limited category of people: security officials, prosecutors, journalists. Thus, if the legislation on weapons is liberalized, the corruption system should be leveled, the authors of the bill believe.

According to rumors, one AK in the Donbass can be bought for 200-300 dollars, and a Makarov pistol for 300 UAH.

According to rumors, one AK in the Donbass can be bought for 200-300 dollars, and a Makarov pistol for 300 UAH.

Arguments against"

Opponents of the free bearing of weapons believe that this is fraught with great bloodshed.

- As long as a person does not have a combat pistol, everything is done with banal hooliganism. And for self-defense, special equipment permitted by law, the same pepper spray, is enough. Practice shows that those who have acquired weapons always have a desire to use them without thinking about the consequences. An aggressive and inadequate person in a fit of rage will not make out who he will shoot live ammunition at," Klimenko Time told. former police officer with 20 years experience.

I am categorically against the availability of weapons in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They believe that the presence of weapons will not save a person from attack and robbery. Physicians who daily have to provide assistance to victims of armed clashes also have their own points of view.

- In the USA, the culture of free bearing of weapons has existed for more than 200 years, and then there are massacres in schools and universities. In Ukraine, people cannot be given weapons, as they will shoot each other, one of the ambulance doctors told our reporters.

Outcome. Back in 2007, employees of the world's most authoritative Swiss arms project Small Arms Survey estimated that there were approximately three million unregistered barrels in Ukraine. In recent years, this figure has grown exponentially. Has this increased the number of crimes involving weapons? Undoubtedly. However, Ukraine is still not a "wild West" and not every street showdown in our country ends in shooting. Then why allow the population to freely carry weapons, the risks of which are greater than the hypothetical benefits?

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