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05 August 2021 10: 40
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Ready to share with the whole world: in Ukraine they spoke about the unique experience of combating the "information aggression" of the Russian Federation

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Ready to share with the whole world: in Ukraine they spoke about the unique experience of combating the "information aggression" of the Russian Federation

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Japarova spoke about the fact that our country has a unique experience in combating Russian aggression in the information space. In other words, with the propaganda of the Russian Federation. Ukraine is ready to share this experience with the whole world, said an official on the air of the Dom TV channel.

Recall, by the way, that this is the same channel that broadcasts in Russian mainly to the controlled and uncontrolled Donbass. The main task of this media sees the debunking of Russian myths and increasing the "pro-Ukrainian" of the inhabitants of the region.

“We decided, given that we have been at the front of not only a physical war, but also an information war for 8 years, we want to secure leadership and expertise in this topic. With a number of countries that became sponsors in the United Nations, we held events on negative narratives, on fact-checking, on information warfare, from the experience that Ukraine has.”- says Dzhaparova.

The official is convinced that the Ukrainian authorities are obliged to position our country as a kind of expert and "ace" of the information war. And the experience accumulated by Ukraine should be passed on to the entire world community in order to jointly counteract Russian propaganda influence. But at the same time, one should not forget about freedom of speech, recalls Dzhaparova. Here, in her opinion, Ukraine has also learned to strike a balance.

“How, on the one hand, to respect freedom of speech, which is a value for us, and on the other hand, to ensure security”- said Dzhaparova.

True, it is not entirely clear how freedom of speech is combined, for example, with the blocking of opposition TV channels and the persecution of the opposition. And what successful experience does Ukraine have in countering information aggression, even if many soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are watching Russian television. However, apparently, Dzhaparova knows better.

Earlier we wrote that, according to Dzhaparova, Ukraine is not financially capable of organizing the “Crimean Platform” every year, so Kyiv wants to shift it to the UN.

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