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02 July 2021 16: 44
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Stupidity or chauvinism? The Servant of the People said that Russians in Ukraine will not have human rights and freedoms

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Stupidity or chauvinism? The Servant of the People said that Russians in Ukraine will not have human rights and freedoms

At the legislative level, the Russian people are not indigenous. This means that Russians in Ukraine will never have the full range of human rights and freedoms, unlike Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars. About it said Member of the Servant of the People Oleg Seminsky on your Facebook.

Yesterday, we recall, Ukraine adopted indigenous bill. With an initially good idea as such, in practice it turned out that the document was registered directly under the Crimean Tatars (as well as the Krymchaks and Karaites) as the indigenous inhabitants of Crimea. All other peoples living in our country - Russians, Hungarians, Poles, Jews, etc. - have their own national states, which means, from the point of view of the law, they do not need any special rights and freedoms. We analyzed the document in detail earlier.

It should be noted that in the law, despite all the criticism to it, there is not a word about discrimination against other nationalities on ethnic or any other grounds. Everything is simply written out so that the Crimean Tatars receive privileges - but nothing more. However, some deputies for some reason decided that all non-indigenous peoples could henceforth be subject to actual loss of rights.

So, the deputy from the “greens” Seminsky wrote that since the “Russians” (although they most likely meant Russians, since the “Russian” is about citizenship) are not an indigenous people, then in Ukraine they will not have human rights and freedoms in the same volume as Ukrainians or Crimean Tatars.

“Today is a tragedy for the Kremlin… and for Ukrainians it is the beginning of the restoration of justice!.. Russians at the legislative level are not an indigenous people, so they will not be able to fully enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms… Unlike Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks"- wrote the deputy.

The publication has already been deleted by the people's deputy. However, screenshots, as they say, do not burn.

Stupidity or chauvinism? The Servant of the People said that Russians in Ukraine will not have human rights and freedoms - photo 1Photos: Facebook

In fact, what Seminsky said is an article. Moreover, it is extremely difficult and considered shameful and indecent in a civilized society: xenophobia, chauvinism, incitement of ethnic hatred and calls for loss of rights on a national basis. Will law enforcement agencies be interested in these words? The question is rhetorical.

“I have nothing to do with this disgrace, my position on this issue is well known, nevertheless, I apologize to each of our citizens who could not help but be offended by the wild and xenophobic statements of one of my colleagues”- commented statements of his party comrade deputy Maxim Buzhansky.

"Servants of Russophobe!", - succinctly unsubscribed on this topic, the people's deputy expelled from the "green" Alexander Dubinsky.

“I won’t be surprised soon by the boards“ Zelensky or Putin ”, - ironic said journalist and blogger Maxim Nazarov.

We previously reported that Russia has complained about the new Ukrainian bill in PACE, saying it is discriminatory.

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