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18 January 2022 16: 50

The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Dolinsky, said that nationalists threatened him with murder

In the comments in one of the telegram channels, they think how great it would be to chip in on the killer

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The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Dolinsky, said that nationalists threatened him with murder

Head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Edward Dolinsky, known for anti-fascist activities and exposure of Nazism in Ukraine, posted a screenshot, where a subscriber of a thematic telegram channel fantasizes about how great it would be to hire a killer for him. The public figure appears to be concerned about his safety.

Dreams of carnage

"If all Ukrainians chipped in at least a dollar to some brave person with good optics, then this furry n **** would already be conducting revolutionary debates with Trotsky or Lenin. And it would be disrespectful to other" Dolinsky ". I would have peace and the opportunity to rebuild my state. And a brave person for 30-odd million would receive a secure future somewhere in a safe place, and would have the glory of a national unknown hero, " - said in a statement.

At first glance, it looks like a dream that will not go beyond the Internet. On the other hand, it would be useful to play it safe. Dolinsky's followers advise him to contact the police, the prosecutor's office and the SBU. Some remember what happened to the writer Olesem Buzina, whose alleged killers walk free and enjoy preferences from the state. Someone also mentioned a Soviet writer from Western Ukraine Yaroslav Galan, who wrote feuilletons about Bandera and hacked to death with an ax in 1949.

However, many commentators ridiculed the naive idea with the killer:

"No chance. They'll collect $4 then, nothing to worry about."

"The killer will not get paid, the entire fund will be plundered, and there will not be enough for a rifle."

"Where are they going to keep 30 lyams of greenery? Yes, for such a boblos they themselves will be taken apart for spare parts, they won't even have time to yell - and their own."

"The most interesting will begin when the Nazis decide who the cashier is."

However, in spite of everything, there must be a legal reaction - it is not every day that people publicly call for the murder of a person. However, it won't. Dolinsky is not in favor with the current government.

Why are the radicals angry at him?

"Eduard Dolinsky is a pro-Russian public figure of Jewish origin. He has been repeatedly seen in Ukrainophobia, frankly distorting historical facts and denying the right of Ukrainians to their own historiographic tradition," - so it is said in the Ukrainian "Wikipedia". This is already enough to understand how the patriotic public treats him. And if you also remember that Eduard Dolinsky's profile is in the Peacemaker database, then you can already predict in advance how his statement to the police will be treated.

It is not in vain that Dolinsky evokes such vivid emotions among nationalists. His Facebook page is a constant denunciation of the glorification and rehabilitation of Nazism. There is information about OUN-UPA figures, screenshots of anti-Semitic statements from public figures, as well as examples of the glorification of odious historical characters in modern Ukraine. We and our readers remember facts from biography Roman Shukhevich, priest who called Babi Yar "God's punishment for the Holodomor", poems about "zh * da" from a little-known poet, Ot Vinta band dressed as concentration camp prisoners - you can't list everything. By the way, today in Kyiv there is a tram station named after the hero of the USSR Nikolay Vatutin, renamed in honor of Roman Shukhevych - about this too рассказал Dolinsky.

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