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01 July 2021 18: 46
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“Get out of the racist minister”: in the Verkhovna Rada, the Poroshenkoites demanded the resignation of Tkachenko

They say that racism has no place in the European Cabinet.

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“Get out of the racist minister”: in the Verkhovna Rada, the Poroshenkoites demanded the resignation of Tkachenko

People's Deputy from Poroshenko's party "European Solidarity" Vladimir Aryev said that his faction registered a resolution on the dismissal of the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Alexandra Tkachenko because of allegations of racism amid the scandal surrounding the TV presenter Carolina Ashion. About this MP wrote on your Facebook.

Recall that today a serious scandal arose around the person of the head of the Ministry of Culture. Everything is very Western: the official was accused of racism. This was stated by the famous TV presenter Carolina Ashion, writing an emotional post in social networks. According to her, once Tkachenko, when she was a producer of "pluses", did not hire a girl because of her appearance: her father is from Nigeria, and she herself is dark-skinned with half African-American features. According to the future minister, for some reason such an exotic appearance could "bring down his ratings." Moreover: during a meeting 6 years later, he did not apologize to her, asking what she wanted from him. We detail describe this scandal.

The high-profile story was continued within the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. So, in Eurosolidarity they were indignant at what had happened and stated that they would seek the dismissal of Tkachenko. Such behavior is unthinkable in a European country, people's deputies are convinced.

“My colleagues and I are registering a decree on the dismissal of a racist minister. In a civilized country, Tkachenko himself had to resign. But no… For the authorities, this story will become a test of civility.”- says Ariev.

The EU is convinced that what happened should not remain just a newsbreak. Racism has no place in Ukraine, and people's deputies are obliged to support the faction, the parliamentarian says.

“Racism is not tolerated. No way. Under no circumstances... Of course, if we want to become a civilized country not in words.Aryev said.

Note that the "racist minister" Tkachenko himself has not yet commented on the scandal. The latest posts on his social networks are dedicated to today's parliamentary session, as well as the fight against Putin.

An interesting fact: deputies from the faction of the fifth president of Ukraine are accused of racism of the official (whose statements were indeed far from tolerant, but were not a direct insult, but rather testified to Tkachenko’s banal bad manners and narrow-mindedness) Petro Poroshenko. Who, during his term, made a whole galaxy of frankly chauvinistic and socio-racist statements.

Recall at least his famous “our children will go to school, and their children will sit in basements” about the inhabitants of Donbass, and ending with constant mantras about the "fifth column" against those who disagree with his policies and "unwashed Russia." And this is not to mention the constant nationalist, chauvinistic and Russophobic statements of members of the EU faction, ranging from Alexey Goncharenko and ending with Vyatrovich with his incitement to the "wrong" compatriots and actual glorification and rehabilitation of Nazism. Now all these people are suddenly concerned about racism in Ukraine, while they themselves are no better than the same Tkachenko.

We have previously detailed described the racist scandal around Tkachenko and Ashion.

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