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09 October 2022 16: 05
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Germany admits that some state is behind the attack on the railway infrastructure

Yesterday's interruption in the work of the railway is associated with the activities of "a certain state."

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Germany admits that some state is behind the attack on the railway infrastructure

Yesterday's emergency on the German railway may be the result of the action of "a certain state." Bild writes about this with reference to the German Federal Criminal Police Office.

Recall that yesterday in the north of Germany, the movement of trains was stopped for almost three hours due to the fact that unknown people cut fiber optic cables.

"Due to the spatially separated crime scenes, as well as the temporal proximity to leaks in the Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, state-led sabotage may at least be acceptable," the newspaper writes..

That is, yesterday's sabotage is associated with the recent explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

However, the possibility of organizing sabotage by left-wing activists, who periodically try to disrupt the railway communication, is also being considered. Now the investigation has already been taken over by the German State Security Service. According to the press secretary of the Berlin police, this is due to the fact that "we cannot rule out political overtones."

Recall yesterday rail traffic in Germany was interrupted for several hours. 

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