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21 July 2022 17: 45
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Gas went, but the sediment remained: Russia resumed gas supply through the Nord Stream, but Germany still has concerns

In Germany, they still fear that Russia may reduce the volume of gas supplies, so no one gave up on total savings.

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Gas went, but the sediment remained: Russia resumed gas supply through the Nord Stream, but Germany still has concerns

Morning after a ten-day stop for preventive work Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline as planned resumed transportation gas from Russia to Germany. Two hours of gas pipeline operation returned to the pre-repair level of pumping. This was stated by the representative of the operating company Nord Stream AG, writes Mirror.

In particular, a representative of the operator company said that so far, every day Nord Stream-1 will be supplied 67 million cubic meters of gas - this corresponds to the volume of supplies before the start of repair work, but is only 40% of the maximum load pipeline. According to Nord Stream AG, pumping has already reached the declared 40% of the maximum. On the first day for pumping booked 30% of the gas pipeline capacity, the head of the Federal Agency for Grids reported to the publication Klaus Müller.

It would seem that now, after so many statements и concerns, about the fact that Russia is not going to open the tap again and resume gas supplies, Germany should have breathed a sigh of relief, but no.

The fact is that, according to Spiegel, the declared deliveries are subject to change. during the day, subject to prior notice, this is indicated by the so-called "nominations" - reservation pipeline capacity. And therefore Germany is still afraidthat the Russian Federation may further reduce the volume of gas supplies, which will negative impact on the German economywrites the German edition.

We will fill and refill German gas storage facilities

Less than half a day of operation of the gas pipeline, as the same spiegel publishes a statement that German federal government wants to respond to looming gas shortage and energy coming autumn and winter with new measures.

In particular, there is one more "energy security package"announced in a video message by the Minister of Economy Robert Habek.

As a concrete step, Habek called increase in prescribed fill levels German gas storages. Gas storage tanks must be filled on 75% by September 1 and on 95% by November 1st. Previously, as of November 1, a fill level was required on 90%.

It is not necessary to heat the halls and foyers

The ministry also said that no point in heating rooms that are not regularly used, such as corridors, large halls, foyer or Ttechnical premises, — if there are no relevant safety requirements. The use of the home office should also be expanded in consultation with employers and employees.

"The situation remains tense, so we are stepping up again. Gas consumption must be further reduced, storage tanks must be filled. We must work together on this."Habek said.

Spain and Portugal are not going to save

Governments Spain и Portugal did not support the proposal European Commission reduce gas consumption by 15% until March 31, 2023. They said they did not want to make disproportionate sacrifices.

Lisbon refuses from the adoption of the plan of the European Commission to reduce gas consumption. About this Secretary of State for Environment and Energy of Portugal Joao Galamba said in an interview with a local newspaper Espresso.

"Portugal is against the commission's proposal because it does not take into account differences between countries"- said Galamba.

In turn, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Ecological Transition of Spain Teresa Riberu stated that Spain is opposed to the imposition of the requirements of the EC, as the reduction in gas use could lead to "serious loss of competitiveness" of the Spanish industry, according to the Spanish newspaper El Independente. Also, Ribera emphasized that Spanish government will protect the interests of the country's business circles.

Recall that the day before, the government Canada decided to make an exception in the anti-Russian sanctions and return To Gazprom repaired gas pipeline turbine Nord Stream 1. Since Moscow noted that complete cessation of gas supply through the pipeline is associated not only with preventive work on the gas pipeline, but above all with the failure of the turbine "Siemens"brought to To Canada for repair.

In particular, after such a decision by the Canadian government, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Energy stated that Ukraine could completely replace Nord Stream 1.

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