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16 March 2022 21: 00
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Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine: how to get paid sick leave and maternity assistance during the war

The Fund has simplified the procedure for receiving payments.

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Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine: how to get paid sick leave and maternity assistance during the war

Employees whose employers, due to hostilities, were unable to process their sick leave and submit an application with it at their location can independently apply to the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine (FSSU) to receive sick leave and maternity benefits. About it сообщает the press service of the department.

To do this, insured persons must contact any convenient branch of the FSSU: either at the place of temporary stay as a result of evacuation, or at the place of registration, etc.

The list of FSSU branches that can receive under martial law and their contacts is being updated link. An employee may receive maternity benefit, temporary disability benefit, and funeral benefit directly. The funds will be transferred to a current account or personal bank card specially opened for the employee. You can follow the status of funding in telegram channel FSSU.

Documents required to receive benefits:

  • Paper certificate of incapacity for work or e-sick leave;
  • A copy of the first-fourth, eleventh-sixteenth pages of the passport or other identity document;
  • A copy of the registration number of the tax payer's registration card.

A certificate of registration as an internally displaced person is not required in this case.

We previously reported that that Ukrainians who have lost their homes and property will be able to apply for compensation in Die.

We also wrote that the government decided to increase the level of social protection for the most vulnerable segments of the population.

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