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17 December 2022 16: 10
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Europe found itself in an economic crisis because of the USA: how are they going to save the Old World and which countries will suffer from this

Europe and the US are on the brink of economic war over Russian gas supplies. After all, what is good for Biden is not very good for Macron, Scholz and, at the same time, the Europeans.

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Europe found itself in an economic crisis because of the USA: how are they going to save the Old World and which countries will suffer from this

Macron said that at the EU summit, the countries received a command to prepare the equivalent of the US law to reduce inflation to protect the industry of the EU countries. Simply put, we are talking about supporting American manufacturers in exchange for European and Russian production - this is mentioned in this law. The law comes into force on January 1, 2023. 

Why Macron's act will lead to war? 

Olaf Scholz calls for the full cooperation of the United States and the adoption of their regulations without analogues in the EU. The Poles, who have been receiving aid from the United States for a long time, insist on the same. 

However, Western Europe, which has found itself in a more difficult situation, does not agree with this, as it wants to maintain its production. Therefore, Macron proposes an act that will unleash an economic war.
Left without the support of the United States, Western Europe will have to get out of the situation in terms of fuel shortages and maintain the sovereignty of industry and production. The question will arise - either continue to support Ukraine and fight for life, or - go for rapprochement with the Russian Federation by lifting sanctions. But then - the end of the reputation. 

France and Germany are trying to postpone the moment of choice, to whom if not them - after all, they skillfully postpone the provision of weapons to Ukraine. 

In the near future, for the development of their industry, they plan to use the markets of the economically weaker EU countries as consumers. In addition, they will export production from these states to their territory. 

By the way, this will also cause the formation of a “third force” - small countries may not like such a redistribution of industry and the loss of jobs, so they can also consolidate. 

How is the Old World trying to save itself? 

To do this, more countries are trying to unite the sectors of the economy with the suppression of the emerging decline in production in other more developed ones. The first task can be achieved through the creation of favorable conditions for returning capital. 

The fact is that many Western companies were moved to South and Southeast Asia in the 90s-2000s. Over the years, Europe has weakened, while Asia, on the contrary, has strengthened due to these enterprises. Now the old Europe returns everything as it was. 

After returning, some enterprises will receive a subsidy to overcome the crisis and search for a market. 

In fact, from the situation will win three economies: France, Germany and Italy. It is these countries that will concentrate the maximum of industry. 

Under such conditions, Eastern Europe will have a different motivation to dislike Paris and Berlin. That's just not because of the relocation of local enterprises to the Rhine, but because of the lack of new factories that will return to the continent from Asia.

Earlier, we reported that in Europe they accuse the United States of making money on the war. due to the sale of gas to Europeans 4 times more expensive.

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