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02 November 2022 17: 00
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If you are a displaced person, then we are coming to you: targeted checks are returning and many IDPs may lose their payments

Social workers will make door-to-door rounds at the addresses where IDPs are registered and those who cannot be found will be left without material assistance from the state.

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If you are a displaced person, then we are coming to you: targeted checks are returning and many IDPs may lose their payments

Mid October The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution that amended "Procedure for granting residence assistance to internally displaced persons". Thus, social services will check actual location IDP at registered address.

Simply put, social workers will go from door to door and verify personally that person receiving government assistanceactually lives there. If no one is found at home, or it turns out that the IDP has changed his place of residence, benefits will be canceled. Recall that for children and people with disabilities, this assistance is 3 thousand hryvnia, for the rest of the migrants - 2 thousand hryvnia.

Tight austerity and migrant tourists

These changes were introduced due to the fact that The government is going into austerityat least that's how the Minister of Social Policy explained Oksana Zholnovich в comments "Apostrophe".

“Today, as a state, we have a limited resource. We use loans from international partners to cover all social expenses and, accordingly, must spend them very economically. We must be very scrupulous about who we give money to in order to target Help was for the people who needed it.", the minister noted.

In addition, there is another reason - this migrant tourists. Now, in order to get help, you need to be a migrant from the region where the fighting is taking place. These are the territorial communities of nine regions: Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolaev, Sumy and Chernigov. Total 326 communities. But very many, after registering their IDP status, return home and continue to receive money.

Everything new - well forgotten old

This scheme is not new, thus they received "resettlement" residents of Donbass, beginning with 2014 year. They went, for example, to Ukraine controlled at that time Volnovakha, registered and returned home to the occupied territories. And in the regions adjacent to the line of demarcation on this even did business, people registered residents of Donbass for money. Now Ukrainians living at the moment also use this scheme. in the war zone.

I must say that address verification of migrants The process is also not new. In the same way, social services previously checked the presence at the place of registration IDPs from Donbass. In 2017, IDPs tried to achieve the abolition of targeted checks. District Administrative Court of Kyiv canceled the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the verification of IDPs. The government filed an appeal, but lost it. Then there was a cassation, but its government also failed. Arguments of the Court of First Instance, appeals and the Supreme Court came down to the fact that by-laws (the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on conducting inspections) cannot have higher legal force than laws and constitution. And in 24 article Constitution of Ukraine states that there can be no restrictions on citizens at the place of residence. Nevertheless, the verification formally remained in the documents of the Cabinet of Ministers, but it was left to chance.

“This will provide an understanding of whether there are people on the ground, since many do not inform that they have returned to their abandoned place of residence or have gone abroad. travel abroad. This provision of the law must be implemented. In order to ensure its implementation, selective checks are provided", - the Deputy Minister of Social Policy explained to Apostrophe Vitaly Muzychenko.

How will the verification procedure work now?

If the inspector will not find the migrant at the place of registration, then the official makes an appropriate entry in the act and leaves to the internally displaced person notification of the need within ten calendar days arrive at the structural unit for social protection of the population at the place of registration for identification. The Ministry of Social Policy promises that all IDPs who were not found at home, informed properly.

"An act is drawn up at the address, messages are left in the mailbox. A person can be dialed by the contact phone number that he left"- explained Vitaly Muzychenko.

They do not want to re-register due to bureaucratic red tape

Many migrants do do not live where they are registered. And it's not that these people are some kind of scammers. And the fact that often, people who fled from hostilities to calmer regions, can not always stay long in one city for a number of objective reasons: work, housing, education of children, and so on. And re-registration, as the settlers say, fraught with a collision with the bureaucratic machine - endless trips to social services and waiting for payments due for months.

How strictly social services will follow the new norm will become clear after some time. But in the Rivne region, the chairman of the OVA Vitaly Koval already warned that there would be checks.

Earlier, we talked about the The Kyiv City Council decided to acquire a housing stock of the territorial community and rent it out to IDPs.

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