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29 December 2022 21: 00
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Yermak told who he considers his personal enemies, whether compromises with Putin are possible and explained his puzzles from emoticons

The head of the Presidential Office is sure that next year the United States will provide Ukraine with all the weapons necessary for victory.

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Yermak told who he considers his personal enemies, whether compromises with Putin are possible and explained his puzzles from emoticons

Head of the President's Office Andrey Ermak given exclusive interview host 1+1 Natalia Moseychuk, in which he told when and how the war would end, whether compromises with Putin were possible and under what conditions Ukraine could agree to negotiations, as well as what assistance from the United States we could still count on.

According to Yermak, next year Ukraine will receive everything possible from the United States to win. We are talking about weapons and equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"We must always be objective. What we have already received is unprecedented. What we will receive after this visit (Zelensky's trip to the USA. - Ed.) next year will be everything necessary for victory ... We started with "Javelins", and today we are already getting Patriot. This is a process"Yermak said.

And in his opinion, the supply of Patriot missile defense systems by America is "just the beginning" of the maximum that the United States can provide. In addition, Yermak noted that Ukraine receive all the necessary security guarantees from partner countries. The only question is when and how these guarantees will be provided.

"I did not believe that in such a short time we would be able to prepare such a document - the Kyiv Security Compact, which is on the table of all world leaders. And today no one even talks about "possible" or "impossible". There is a fact, the only question is when and how these guarantees will be provided by each country. Either it will be a set of agreements, or one major agreement, or bilateral agreements, and so on," Yermak said.

According to him, it can be one big document, where the principles will be laid down, and then it will be attached to bilateral treaties. Or agreements that will relate to one topic.

"I am sure that either we will receive these guarantees, or we will become NATO members. It may be that one and the other"- added the head of the Office of the President.

In addition, Yermak commented on the words of the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that Russia must disintegrate in a controlled manner and it is desirable that Vladimir Putin be in power for some time.

"We set the trend. Despite the fact that we have a war going on, we are leaders in our region. I am sure that this will be the case after the war," Yermak replied.

According to the head of the Presidential Office, Ukraine will continue to become stronger and liberate its territories until peace is established on its terms. The politician emphasized that Ukraine is ready to end hostilities, however, subject to compliance with its basic requirements.

"What are the Ukrainian conditions? This is a XNUMX% return of our territorial integrity, compensation for everything that the invaders did to our country, the return of all our people, the return of our children, who were illegally deported by the thousands," Yermak explains.

According to him, the United States and Ukraine have the same vision of how the war should end.

"With the Americans, we have a 100% understanding of what peace is, what our goals are, what compromises we can make. There will be no compromises with that president, with that government regarding independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty. There will be no Minsk-2 "Normandy agreements. For them, this is very important. This topic was discussed in Congress. I felt that for Democrats and Republicans, this is a very sensitive issue, how this war should end. Our main partner thinks the same way with us and plans his steps based on this philosophy, Yermak said.

But insulting the President of Ukraine, according to the head of the Presidential Office, is now unacceptable.

"Vladimir Zelensky does not deserve to be insulted today. People who insult the Ukrainian president are my personal enemies," Yermak said.

There were also questions abstracted from war and politics, so the head of the OP explained why he writes his mysterious smiley puzzles that he publishes on social networks and confirmed the information that was circulating on the network regarding his lack of a keyboard.

"Why did I start doing this? .. I think that first of all it is important to give people hope. It is very important to treat even serious things with a positive attitude. Plus, we were all once fans of crossword puzzles, rebuses and so on", - Yermak said in an interview.

Yermak told who he considers his personal enemies, whether compromises with Putin are possible and explained his puzzles from emoticons - photo 1

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