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18 July 2022 19: 45
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Electricity on coal and oil, refusal of gas in apartments: the IEA gives advice to Europeans on how to survive the winter without Russian gas

The head of the International Energy Agency says this winter could be a historic test of European solidarity.

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Electricity on coal and oil, refusal of gas in apartments: the IEA gives advice to Europeans on how to survive the winter without Russian gas

The Wall Street Journal came out with a fatalistic article about an extremely difficult winter for Europe, which will have to endure without Russian gas. This will historical test for all of Europe, say experts from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

On executive director information IEA Fatiha Birol, Europe faces the real possibility that Russia decides to completely cut off gas suppliesThat “remain vital to the region’s economy, from households to heavy industry”.

“The temporary shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which carries Russian gas to Germany, raised concerns that Moscow may not resume operation of a key gas pipeline when the scheduled maintenance period ends on Thursday, or resume supplies at reduced levels.”

At the same time, journalists write, Russia has already 4 times reduced gas supplies to Europe.

“Russian natural gas deliveries to the European Union this month fell below 100 million cubic meters a day, compared with flows of almost 400 million cubic meters around the same time last year.”

"Russia may decide to forego the revenue it receives from gas exports to Europe in order to gain political influence," - considers Birol and offers for EC the following points to be taken as soon as possible:

  • increase the production of electricity from coal and oil;
  • start campaigns to inform the public about the reduction of gas demand for households;
  • compensate the industry for refusing gas supplies;
  • expand cooperation between national electricity operators;
  • to plan pan-European joint use of available gas reserves.

“This winter could be a historic test of European solidarity that it cannot afford to fail, with implications far beyond the energy sector.”.

At the same time, journalists note that even increase in supplies of liquefied gas to the EU from Norway, USA and North Africa unable to satisfy the needs of the European Union, which were covered by Russia. And the complete cessation of Russian gas supplies will have a particularly painful effect on the German economy.

“If Russia does not turn on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in the coming week, industrial activity in Germany could be reduced by 30-60%, even if the country burns more coal”, - international economists note.

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