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22 February 2022 11: 53

Donbass after "recognition": what is happening in the region

Loud statements are heard from the "authorities of the republics"

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Donbass after recognition: what is happening in the region

17:15 In "LNR" will not change the curfew. It is still impossible to move around the streets from 23:00 to 4:00. This was announced by the "head of the LNR" Leonid Pasechnik.

14:53 Donetsk came under fire from multiple launch rocket systems BM-21 "Grad". This was reported in the "JCCC DNR". According to the center, 5 missiles were fired.

14:40 On February 23 evacuate people from Makiivka to Russia will only be by train. Buses are no longer being used. It is reported that the train departs twice a day at 8:20 and 15:42 from the Makiivka-Passenger station and goes to the Uspenskaya station.

13:40 In Donetsk, due to damage as a result of shelling of two water conduits reduced water supply. In Kievsky, Leninsky, Petrovsky districts - by 30%, in Kuibyshevsky and Kirovsky - by 50%. Information promulgated "mayor" of the city Aleksey Kulemzin.

"At the moment, specialists are carrying out a number of water distribution measures to normalize a stable water supply. The water supply of these areas will be restored in full after the completion of repair work on water pipelines," - he said.

13:20 To the Lugansk thermal power plant in the Ukrainian-controlled city of Shchastya a shell hit, transformers are burning, reported to the police.

"At 12:34 in the city of Shchastya, as a result of shelling from the temporarily uncontrolled territory, a projectile hit a transformer on the territory of a thermal power plant, followed by fire, a spill of fuel and lubricants, and the fire spread to a neighboring transformer," - informs the press service of the police of the Lugansk region.




Recall that TPP came under fire yesterday. Happiness was left without light, water and heating. The station was launched today. But on communication Governor of the Luhansk region Sergei Gaidai, she did not have time to work even an hour.

12:57 Pushilin stated that the borders of the "DPR" will be within the Donetsk region.

12:45 Men in the "DNR" continue to take directly from the streets to the military registration and enlistment offices. Videos and photos of the military putting civilians on buses have been appearing on social networks for several days. A subscriber witnessed this incident. Klymenko Time from Makeevka.

“I was in a pharmacy, a man with a child came out and followed me. The military approached him on the street and said that he was mobilized. When he asked where to put his daughter, they answered: “Call your wife, grandmother, whoever you want. We are picking you up from this place. "I did not watch how the story ends, but there are similar cases throughout the city," - Elena from Makeyevka told us.


Donbass after recognition: what is happening in the region - photo 1


12:20 In the "LPR" the decision of the Russian Federation was decided celebrate with a concert. It will start today at 16:00 (Moscow time) on the central square of Lugansk. Local bands will perform. The name of the event is "Thank you, Russia!".

Donbass after recognition: what is happening in the region - photo 2


12:15 The governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev said that from the "LDNR" to Russia evacuated already more 80 thousand people .

12:10 They travel around Donetsk cars with Russian flags. In honor of Vladimir Putin's decision yesterday to recognize the "republics", a motor rally was organized.


11:50 "LNR" will take measures to establishment of territorial integrity within the boundaries of the region. This was stated by "First Deputy Chairman of the People's Council of the Republic" Dmitry Khoroshilov.

"Within the framework of the laws of our "republics", there is a law that clearly states that the territory of the "LPR" is the territory of the former Luhansk region. There is our territory occupied by Ukrainian troops. I think that we should call on Ukraine to withdraw its troops voluntarily. If this will not happen, I think decisions will be made that will allow establishing peace, our territorial integrity throughout the territory of the LPR," - said "deputy".

After announcements by Vladimir Putin on the recognition of "LDNR"  in the morning in both "republics" "parliaments" gathered and ratified treaties of friendship and mutual assistance with Russia. They have already been promptly signed by Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik. But the region did not become calmer. The sounds of fighting are heard. It is reported about Russian military equipment that has already entered the Donbass.

Klymenko Time monitors what is happening in the "LDNR". About the most important events - in this material, which is constantly updated.

In the morning, the head of the "DPR" Denis Pushilin signed several "decrees" regarding mobilization. So, for military service in the "republic" now on a voluntary basis allowed to call men over 55 years old. 

Also announced mobilization of guys born in 1995-2004 who are not in the reserve. They will be sent for military service in reserve "command of the people's militia".

The third "decree" concerns the creation special formation from employees of the "Prosecutor General's Office" and the "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR". Together with the military, they will carry out "tasks in the field of defense."

"Deputy of the DPR Parliament" Vladislav Berdichevsky said that Russian troops have already entered the territory of the “DPR” and took up positions in its northern and western parts.


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