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11 October 2022 10: 36
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To stop nuclear confrontation and further keep high oil prices: UAE president wants to talk to Putin

In this visit, the sheikh's personal interest can be traced, and the topics of Ukraine are just a tool here.

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To stop nuclear confrontation and further keep high oil prices: UAE president wants to talk to Putin

Today, a meeting of the President of the Russian Federation is to be held in Russia Vladimir Putin with the President of the UAE Mohammed bin Zeid Al Nahyan. The talks are expected to be one-on-one.

At the State News Agency of the President of the United Arab Emirates сообщилиthat Sheikh Mohamed will discuss with Putin during his visit "friendly relations between the UAE and Russia, as well as a number of regional and international issues and events of mutual interest".

And at the UAE Foreign Ministry statedthat the Sheikh's visit is called help find "effective political decisions" Ukrainian crisis.

The ministry also indicated that bilateral talks will address recent developments related to the crisis in Ukraine as the country seeks achieve positive results to reduce military escalation, reduce humanitarian consequences and reaching a political settlement to achieve global peace and security.

Recall that the UAE is a member of OPEC +, an organization that voted in early October for the reduction of oil production to maintain its higher value in world markets. And this, in the context of anti-Russian sanctions, is very beneficial for Russia, which, due to higher energy prices, successfully compensates for the reduction in oil and gas exports.

That is, given this fact, we can conclude that UAE in such circumstances, the de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine, which helps to maintain high energy prices, is not at all beneficial. And this raises the question - why does the UAE make such statements?

So, the Financial Times, citing its sources indicatethat the President of the UAE “can reasonably talk to Putin and stop the drift towards a nuclear confrontation». That is, the main goal of the talks, in addition to energy issues, which are not voiced in the press release for obvious reasons, will still be nuclear de-escalation, and not de-escalation of the situation around Ukraine. Since the consequences of nuclear strikes will directly affect the interests of the UAE:

  • in the case of the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine, the UAE is unlikely to continue cooperation with the Russian Federation for political reasons, despite the current benefits from such an alliance;
  • if ballistic nuclear missiles are used, the UAE will also suffer.

Additionally, during the backstage visit can also be discussed:

  • the issue of Yemen, the truce with which ended – and Yemen may resume airstrikes on UAE airports and oil refineries. Probably, the sheikh may intend to ask Russia to extend the truce, given that Yemen is actually a “proxy” of Iran, and the Russian Federation and Iran are now cooperating very closely. Recall that the previous truce was concluded with the support of the United States and in exchange for a nuclear deal that fell through - and the United States has nothing more to offer Iran;
  • possibly, Sheikh will informally negotiate arms purchases, for example, the S-400, and about any protection treaties if the truce fails.

We also wrote about what they say in Ukraine, Russia and the West about the massive shelling of Ukraine, and told that Lukashenka promised that "more than one thousand" Russian military will enter the Republic of Belarus.

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