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25 December 2022 18: 27
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Sabotage in Russia occurs with the support of the United States: how the agent network was built

Recently, everything in Russia is on fire and exploding - now the military registration and enlistment office, then the oil depot. The media believe that the sabotage at the facilities of the Russian Federation was orchestrated by the United States.

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Sabotage in Russia occurs with the support of the United States: how the agent network was built

Western intelligence agencies are involved in a series of explosions and fires at Russian infrastructure facilities, writes an American investigative journalist and writer, former ranger Jack Murphy. Published by him material based on conversations with three retired US intelligence officers, two retired military officers and another US source.

Murphy claims that the sabotage campaign is being carried out by intelligence agents from one of the NATO countries under the leadership of the CIA. For attacks on railway bridges, fuel depots and energy facilities, caches of explosives and equipment are used, created more than 10 years ago by intelligence agents of a "key ally country" without the participation of the Americans. 

Murphy claims that after 2014 and the annexation of Crimea, the US set up special “spy cells” throughout Russia. Two days before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, these cells were activated. 

It is emphasized that the Americans lead the sabotage without taking direct part in them. 

Not only the USA

At the same time, agents of other European intelligence services, as well as the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine, are working in the Russian rear. The lack of coordination, according to Murphy's sources, leads to numerous overlaps: for example, there were cases when sabotage on a railroad or power line disrupted the progress of another covert operation. 

Sabotage at Russian facilities is carried out with the support of aerial reconnaissance.

“UAVs that we don’t even know exist are roaming the entire airspace of Ukraine and Russia,” Murphy quoted his interlocutor as saying.

As the war dragged on, some European NATO allies began to withdraw their support for sabotage operations behind Russian lines, fearing repercussions. 

But the US and its key ally are determined and ready for even more daring sabotage.

"If we need to send a stronger signal to Putin, special operations can be undertaken in Moscow and other major cities," Murphy's source said.

Earlier, we reported that in Europe it is assumed that the damage at the Nord Streams could be the work of both Russia and Ukraine.

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