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21 February 2022 15: 45
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Mother Tongue Day, Guide Day and Zechariah the Sickle-Seer's Day: what important dates are celebrated on February 21st?

We list Orthodox and secular holidays.

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Mother Tongue Day, Guide Day and Zechariah the Sickle-Seer's Day: what important dates are celebrated on February 21st?

On February 21, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of the Biblical Prophet Zechariah the Sickle Seer. This date among the peasants was associated with a mass of beliefs. On Zakhariev Day, it was customary to sharpen sickles and knives - this promised abundance for the whole year. A strong frost was a good sign - it meant that spring would come soon and that it would be warm. And if there was a lot of frost on the branches of trees, a good harvest of honey was expected in the summer.

Since 2000, February 21 has been celebrated as International Mother Language Day. Its purpose is to promote diversity and popularize different cultures. On this day, exactly 70 years ago, students from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, were killed by police bullets. They were shot when they went to a rally demanding that Bengali be recognized as one of the state languages. In 1999, at the General Conference of UNESCO, it was proposed to celebrate a memorable date, and in 2002 it was approved in a resolution of the UN General Assembly.

On February 21, 1784, Sevastopol appeared. More precisely, the city existed before, but was called Akhtiar. It was renamed by decree of the Empress Catherine II. She wanted the port and the fortress to bear the name in the antique manner, so that the Crimean peninsula would resemble Byzantium.

Today we are celebrating World Travel Guide Day. It was founded in 1990 by the World Federation of Tour Guides Associations. Usually, events dedicated to the date are associated with travel and sightseeing, but in recent years, due to the coronavirus, they have had to be transferred to an online format.

We previously reported that people celebrate on February 18th. 

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