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21 December 2022 12: 15
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Day of diplomatic visits: Russia and China will deepen cooperation, and Zelensky will visit the US

At the same time, China does not get hung up on relations with the Russian Federation, developing them with everyone with whom it is beneficial.

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Day of diplomatic visits: Russia and China will deepen cooperation, and Zelensky will visit the US

Today, December 21, two important diplomatic visits are taking place at once. The first was announced in Ukraine: the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky visit the USA. And the second, voiced after that, is the visit of the permanent representative of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to China and his meeting with the leader of the country Xi Jinping.

Given this sequence of announcements of visits, some even suggested that the visit to China was organized by Russia in order to interrupt information about Zelensky's visit to the United States. However, taking into account that it takes time to organize a diplomatic meeting at this level, this is just a coincidence.

US visit undisclosed

The information that Zelensky would visit the United States was not disclosed until the last day, and the President personally announced it only on the morning of December 21.

Day of diplomatic visits: Russia and China will deepen cooperation, and Zelensky will visit the US - photo 1

This is associated with security issues, since this time the president of the belligerent country will visit another state in person, and not by video link, as he did in all previous cases. Zelensky is expected to address Congress and talk with the US President Joe Biden. The American press also reports that Zelensky will visit Capitol Hill.

Thus, the visit to the United States will be Zelensky's first public foreign trip since the beginning of the war. As a result of the visit, Ukraine is expected to receive new types of weapons and the Patriot air defense system.

Even parties will cooperate in Russia and China

The meeting between Medvedev and Xi took place at the state residence in Beijing. The secretariat of the deputy chairman reported that the visit took place on December 20-21.

On version Russian side, the meeting discussed issues of interaction between the two ruling parties: the Russian "United Russia" and the Communist Party of China. They also discussed bilateral cooperation and strategic partnership between the countries in all areas, including industrial cooperation. Both sides highly appreciated the prospects for Russian-Chinese relations.

On version Chinese side, Medvedev visited China at the invitation of the Communist Party. Xi emphasized firm support for the long-term development of Russia-China relations, and also:

  • expressed hope for the continuation of the exchange of experience in the field of governance and the harmonization of development strategies and international cooperation between the ruling parties;
  • Xi called the Sino-Russian Comprehensive Partnership a long-term strategic choice;
  • On the Ukrainian crisis, China emphasized that the country would continue to promote the need for peace talks and expressed the hope that all parties concerned would exercise reasonable restraint, engage in comprehensive dialogue, and resolve common security issues through political means.

Recall that Xi paid a visit to Saudi Arabia in early December, during which he agreed to increase oil and gas imports from the Persian Gulf countries. This happened after the maximum prices for Russian oil were introduced in Europe. In this regard, we can conclude that China is pursuing a multi-vector foreign policy, not focusing on relations with any one particular country and its support, but developing cooperation with everyone with whom it is beneficial. And in this situation, cooperation with Russia is also in the sphere of China's interests.

At the same time, China is extremely concerned about the possibility of using nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine, which was repeatedly stated earlier, and continues to call for peace. That is, Russia's intention to deepen relations with China may be an element of deterrence for the Russian Federation, especially given that the Kremlin does not have many major economic and political allies left.

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