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02 December 2022 13: 34
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Dismantle and melt down for weapons: Servant of the People offered their own version of the use of Soviet monuments

And in Kyiv they want to rename the stations of the city train.

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Dismantle and melt down for weapons: Servant of the People offered their own version of the use of Soviet monuments

In Ukraine, due to the war, de-Russification and de-communization intensified, as a result of which a number of monuments that are somehow connected with Russia and its history are being dismantled and moved to other places. According to local authorities, monuments of historical and cultural value will be placed in various museums after the war.

However, not everyone agrees with this decision, including among the authorities.

On According to MP from Servant of the People Egor Chernev, all such monuments must not only be dismantled, but also melted down into weapons and ammunition, and then “sent back” as part of shelling.

“Hundreds of monuments to executioners and murderers of Soviet times and the times of the Russian Empire still remain on the streets of our cities. At the same time, despite the war, we continue to produce ammunition and repair our military equipment. And we are even starting to produce something from scratch (for example, 152-mm shells). Do you know what these two facts have in common? Bronze"He wrote.

According to him, the production and repair of military equipment require a huge amount of non-ferrous metals and alloys, which, due to the energy crisis and almost complete shutdown of the metallurgical industry.

“It's time for the same Shchors, the killer of Kiev, who stands on Shevchenko Boulevard and disfigures our capital, to become useful for our Armed Forces. I think that all such monuments should be dismantled, melted down for weapons and ammunition, and sent back to the orderlies with all our warm hospitality. Besides, it will be very symbolic. The evil that the invaders sent to our land for hundreds of years to kill us will turn against them. Boomerang is back"- summed up the deputy.

Dismantle and melt down for weapons: Servant of the People offered their own version of the use of Soviet monuments - photo 1

At the same time, commentators who support the dismantling of the monuments suggested not destroying them, but selling them at auctions, since this would make it possible to get much more profit than ordinary melting down.

Dismantle and melt down for weapons: Servant of the People offered their own version of the use of Soviet monuments - photo 2

Further renaming in Kyiv

Ukrzaliznytsia initiated renaming of 8 stations of the ring train in Kyiv and has already proposed its names. The company said that they want to do it right now, because they intend to complete cosmetic repairs of all these stations by the end of the year, and at the same time they could change their names. They added that this will make it easier to navigate the historical districts of Kyiv, since the names will more closely correspond to the toponymy of the capital and deprive the transport map of the city of obsolete names of the Soviet period.

Suggest to rename:

  1. Rubezhovsky - to the Nivki park. The old name comes from the Rubezhevsky colony for minors, which was moved to Kyiv in 1884 from the village. Mikhailovskaya Rubezhovka, but closed a hundred years ago. The new name is about the actual geographic location of the station and the incentive to travel to the park.
  2. Zenith - to Bandera Avenue. The station is located on the avenue with the same name, which was called Moskovsky before the renaming. Urzaliznytsia said that this renaming was necessary in order to avoid the association of the name with the St. Petersburg Zenit and Soviet cameras.
  3. Troyeschina - Resurrection.
  4. Troyeschina-2 - Rainbow.
  5. Kyiv-Dneprovsky - Victory Park.
  6. Kyiv-Rusanovka - Rusanovka.
  7. Left Bank - Bereznyaki, which is the real name of the nearest area (Osokorki a little further). In addition, the “Left Bank” is often confused with the “Levoberezhnaya”, and it won’t be like that anymore.
  8. The northern platform of the Kyiv-Passenger station is the Central Station.

It is reported that now the initiative is being coordinated with the Kyiv authorities.

We also wrote about what names appeared in Kyiv after the renaming of the streets, and told that Ukraine intends to demolish monuments to Vatutin, Shchors and Catherine II.

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