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08 August 2022 10: 00
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Dismantling of the "Motherland" in Kyiv: the Ministry of Culture commented on the fate of the monument

The authorities complain that there is no money for such initiatives.

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Dismantling of the "Motherland" in Kyiv: the Ministry of Culture commented on the fate of the monument

In Ukraine, within the framework of de-communization and de-Russification, a discussion periodically arises not only of replacing the Soviet coat of arms on the shield of the Motherland monument, but also of dismantling the monument. What does the government think about this? рассказал minister of culture Alexander Tkachenko.

“To demolish the monument, which is one of the hallmarks of Ukraine, which looks to the east, which is a huge attraction for many tourists, seems absurd to me at this time. We have something to spend money on. We have no funds in the budget, because they went to the defense and to support the social sphere, (we have unfinished) museums of the Holodomor, we need to build a museum of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, we need to work with many objects - more than 450 objects that were damaged or destroyed during the war ", - he said.

That is, at the state level, they do not intend to raise the issue of dismantling the Motherland, explaining this by extremely high costs.

And earlier, they conducted a survey through the Diya application regarding the fate of the Soviet coat of arms on the shield of the monument. According to its results, 85% of those who voted supported its replacement with a trident.

Dismantling of the "Motherland" in Kyiv: the Ministry of Culture commented on the fate of the monument - photo 1

“Today we are not talking about completely dismantling the monument, because it definitely not on time due to the huge funds required for this process»- wrote Tkachenko, commenting on the results of the survey.

From Tkachenko's statements, it can be concluded that, if money appears, the monument can be dismantled.

The official also said that work on dismantling the coat of arms of the USSR on the shield could begin. "in six months or more".

It should be noted that now the ex-chairman of the Institute of National Memory of Ukraine Vladimir Vyatrovich back in 2017 claimed (we emphasize - without holding any public discussion of the issue), that the dismantling of the coat of arms was then prevented "only technical and financial problems".

He is during the voting for the replacement of the coat of arms on the shield сказал: “In my opinion, the Motherland monument is an absolutely Soviet sculpture. Any attempts to Ukrainize it will really not change anything. If there is no political will to dismantle this monument, then there is no need to put the coat of arms of Ukraine there. In my opinion, you just need to dismantle the Soviet coat of arms on this monument..

To which the director of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II Yuri Savchuk said: “Vyatrovich can have his own opinion, and obviously he represents a certain group of people. It's obvious that this group is currently small.. If the media did not focus on her, she would be generally marginal».

According to Savchuk, the monument still remains a monument of science and technology not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe and the world as a whole, and now it ceases to be a symbol of the Soviet era, acquiring new meanings.

Recall that the Kyiv monument "Motherland" is the highest sculpture in Europe: its height together with the pedestal is 102 meters, the size of the shield is 12x8 meters, the length of the sword is 16 meters, the total is about 500 tons. The monument was built in 1981. The statue is part of the WWII museum complex and has a hall and lift and can be climbed.

Before the war, the authorities interpreted Ukrainian legislation regarding the demolition of this monument or the dismantling of its individual objects as follows: the monument itself cannot be dismantled, according to the law "On perpetuating the victory over Nazism in World War II", but the Soviet emblem on its shield is prohibited by the law "On the condemnation of the communist and national socialist totalitarian regimes", and therefore can be dismantled.

For the demolition of the "Motherland" and the placement in its place of the statue of the Archangel Michael even published petition, but it was not popular and collected only 125 votes.

Previously, we wrote that Zelensky actually gave the go-ahead for the demolition of the monument to Catherine II in Odessa, and told that The Ministry of Culture has formed a list of names that will be renamed first.

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