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01 January 2022 09: 58
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Do with us, do as we do, do better than us: what Zelensky talked about in his New Year's address for 20 minutes

The address of the President of Ukraine on the eve of 2022 is already called the worst of all that have been before.

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Do with us, do as we do, do better than us: what Zelensky talked about in his New Year's address for 20 minutes

The last thing that usually happens in the outgoing year is the president's address to the people. Everyone treats this tradition differently: some with sarcasm, some with humor, some sincerely believe and expect that the head of state will promise something good and will definitely fulfill it, some are just curious about what this time, and who -something turns off the sound and waits for the chiming clock, so as not to miss the onset of the New Year. But, in any case, it is to this congratulation that the greatest attention is riveted.

It is safe to say that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing the people in the last minutes of the outgoing 2021, broke all conceivable records, because his speech lasted 21 minutes. But the temporary record is perhaps the only one that can be awarded to this speech.

This was Zelensky's third New Year's address, and for two years in a row his team tried to be quite creative in preparing congratulations from the head of state. In 2019, the main idea was to remind that each region gave Ukraine talented people, writers, poets, musicians, athletes, astronauts. Last year, the President's address was built in the format of a conversation with children 5-9 years old, the idea of ​​which was that the head of state in a language understandable to children described the events that took place in Ukraine in 2020. Without going into the content, this idea was quite interesting, new and unusual.

This time the start was also promising. The idea is that the whole country is at one table. The President began his address with a story about ordinary Ukrainians: athletes, miners, doctors, teachers, soldiers, drivers, and so on.

Considering the rather complex and tense political agenda of the whole of 2021, and especially its finale, it is more than a good idea to talk not about politics and ephemeral achievements with the same promises, but about people. And this should have ended. But no, apparently, the gigantomania in some way inherent in Vladimir Alexandrovich (the largest flagpoles for Independence Day, Great Construction, etc.) prevailed, and after almost ten minutes of listing the merits of ordinary Ukrainians, the present moved on to listing his merits.

There is, in principle, nothing new here, we already heard all this during Zelensky’s annual address to the Verkhovna Rada: Independence Day, the Crimean Platform, the law on oligarchs, roads, planes, the army, Donbass. By the way, the president paid special attention to the latter, because in his speech the words "Crimea" and "Donbass" sounded more often than the rest. There was even some impression that the issue of resolving the conflict in the East could finally become a priority for our government next year. But perhaps this is just an impression, or an attempt to wishful thinking.

Relatively new, Zelensky's promise to provide housing for veterans and the military, as well as raise the salaries of teachers, can be noted. in addition, the president called the refusal of Ukrainians to be vaccinated "a common pain" and among the plans for the next year he identified an increase in the rate of vaccination of the population against COVID-19.

In general, one conclusion can be drawn - 20 minutes is a very long time. Therefore, despite the attempt to be creative, we can say that in three years this is the most unfortunate congratulation of Vladimir Alexandrovich.

Recall that the newly elected German chancellor Olaf Scholz in his address to the Germans on the occasion of the New Year remembered, among other things, the situation in Ukraine, assuring that the inviolability of our borders is a basic principle for Germany.

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