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14 October 2022 19: 50
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Gasoline shortage and price increase: the situation at Ukrainian gas stations

September stocks have stabilized prices at gas stations, but this will not be for long, experts say.

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Gasoline shortage and price increase: the situation at Ukrainian gas stations

After Monday morning, Ukrainian cities and energy infrastructure began to be shelled in many regions power and water outagesNaturally, the gasoline boom began. Eyewitnesses stated that at many gas stations capitals and not only formed long lines.

But experts are in a hurry to reassure the Ukrainians and note that "The situation is completely opposite to the "electric" one, albeit with its own nuances. About it сообщил director of the consulting company "A-95" Sergey Kuyun. He said that in the near future, Ukrainians are waiting for a gradual increase in prices. However, fuel shortages are not expected.

"Resources are completely sufficient. There is even a certain surplus formed due to dynamic imports on the eve of the recent resumption of excise duty. Therefore, a surge in sales at gas stations on October 10 pleased the market," Kuyun said.

According to him, in general, the country has successfully passed the seasonal consumption peak, which seemed surprisingly calm. And now there is not only a new diversification of imports across the western border, but also a fundamentally different logistics structure.

“For example, more than 40% of fuel comes in fuel trucks, while before the war they almost didn’t carry it like that. The rest goes by rail through many transitions. Life itself forced us to create such a flexible and extensive supply system. This is our first major energy victory in this war", - the expert notes.

Moreover, according to him, despite the fact that September stocks stabilized prices, it may not be for long. In particular, due to the fact that last week The world's largest oil producing countries have agreed to cut production. As a result, black gold prices have changed significantly, if at the end of September the price of oil was $85/bbl, now we have $97/bbl. Diesel fuel added $200 (6 UAH/l) over this period. At the same time, gasoline added only 80 dollars.

"Fresh batches of HP are already at 50 UAH/l. If you bring them to the center or to the east, this is already 53 UAH/l. While the October price is mixed with the September stocks of 45-46 UAH/l, but this will not last forever. Keep prices down at dispensers with such a prime cost it will be difficult (today 52-57 UAH/l), but for gasoline it is quite realistic", Kuyun said.

Thus, the main conclusions are that there will be fuel, and the price will be the market price and it is impossible to predict it, especially given the challenges of the time.

By the way, Dmitry Levushkin, CEO of Prime Group TM, confirmed a further increase in fuel prices due to quotation prices on European stock exchanges.

"Roughly by one or two hryvnias, an increase is likely, but in Europe it is similar, so we can say that the country's fuel supply system is operating normally," - he summed up.

It should be noted that the State Statistics Service of Ukraine recorded a decrease in fuel prices in September 2022, and autogas fell the most.

According to the statistical agency, in September compared to August 2022, A-92 gasoline fell by 1,2% to UAH 47,9 per liter, A-95 gasoline by 1,0% to UAH 49,3 per liter, diesel fuel - by 1,0% to UAH 53,1 per liter.

At the same time, liquefied gas for cars fell by 4,0% to UAH 26,1 per liter.

Recall that in late August Verkhovna Rada committee approved the finalized bill on the return of excise taxes on fuel.

Earlier we explained why excises on gasoline and diesel, as well as VAT on them, may increase again in 2023.

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