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April 23 2021 07: 59
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The CEC recognized the "servant of the people" as the winner in the by-elections in the 87th district: Virastyuk passes to the Rada

Judging by the data, 15 people voted for Virastyuk, as a result, it is he who enters parliament

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The CEC recognized the servant of the people as the winner in the by-elections in the 87th district: Virastyuk passes to the Rada

In the scandalous district No. 87, the victory was officially recognized "servants of the people", one of the most powerful people in the world Vasily Virastyuk. Opora civic network published the relevant data on Twitter, referring to the Central Election Commission.

- Vasily Virastyuk was officially elected a people's deputy. The CEC established the results of the elections in constituency No. 87 and recognized the candidate from the Servant of the People party Vasily Virastyuk as an elected People's Deputy of Ukraine, - said in a statement.

Judging by the data, 15 people voted for Virastyuk, as a result, it is he who enters parliament.

Earlier it became known that Vasily Virastyuk won 31,25% of the votes, and his main opponent was in second place Alexander Shevchenko from the party "For the Future" with their 29,69%. The third step was taken Ruslan Koshulinsky, representatives of the VO "Svoboda", he scored 28,86%.

However, not everything went so smoothly, because it is not for nothing that this district is called “scandalous” on the network. Before The CEC declared the elections valid, the Ivano-Frankivsk District Court considered several cases concerning decisions to recount votes at 20 polling stations. As it turned out, Shevchenko filed lawsuits, because he did not believe that Virastyuk won more votes than he did. In most cases, the plaintiff was denied satisfaction of the claims, but Shevchenko did not give up, he appealed the court's decisions.

Later, the court nevertheless declared illegal and canceled all the decisions of DEC No. 87 on the recognition of voting in five polling stations as invalid. Then Opora stated that some of them noticed a discrepancy in the number of ballots for Shevchenko.

A week ago, on April 16, the CEC began to process the DEC protocol No. 87 marked "Updated". According to head of the commission Oleg Didenko, there were two court cases regarding the preparation of an updated OIC protocol.

What was earlier

On March 28, the parties "Servant of the People" and "For the Future" in unison announced the victory of their candidates in the by-elections in constituency No. 87 in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. According to the “servants”, it was Vasily Virastyuk who won, overtaking all his rivals.

- Our headquarters has completed the parallel counting of votes. Now the main task is to protect our result! - the press service of the political force wrote on social networks.

However, the party "For the Future" was sure that their candidate Alexander Shevchenko won the by-election to the Rada. According to them, he received 15 votes, Virastyuk - 798, and Koshulinsky - 15.

– The results of the parallel counting of votes by the headquarters of Alexander Shevchenko with 100% of the protocols of polling stations with wet seals, - said the press service on Facebook.

In addition, Shevchenko announced the victory and Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinkiv. He published his data, which slightly disagreed with the figures of the For the Future party.

It should be noted that the results of the by-elections upset Petro Poroshenko's "European Solidarity" very much. After all, they counted on the victory of Koshulinsky.

- It is a pity that other opposition parties, unlike the EU, could not publicly support Ruslan Koshulinsky, and this silence was worth those few percent that would definitely work for the victory of a single opposition candidate, - said in a press release.

Recall that the elections in the 87th constituency were announced after Zinoviy Andriyovich, a majoritarian from the Servant of the People, became the mayor of Nadvirna and renounced his deputy mandate.

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