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20 December 2021 12: 40
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COVID-record holder: Chernivtsi resident had coronavirus for 7 months

This is the first such anomaly in Ukraine

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COVID-record holder: Chernivtsi resident had coronavirus for 7 months

COVID-record holder found in Ukraine reports TSN. Resident of Chernivtsi Julia Darata I was ill for 7 months and 13 days, while the average coronavirus lasts about a few weeks.

Probably, such an anomaly arose for a reason. Julia is battling lymphoma. Doctors say that most likely the disease was delayed due to weakened immunity.

The fact that she caught the virus, the woman found out by accident when she arrived in Germany for the next course of chemotherapy. Since the disease was asymptomatic, the doctor advised her not to do anything and just wait until it cleared up on its own.

"There was no temperature. I contacted the doctors, they said not to drink an antibiotic, because there is no temperature, that is, just to observe. Two weeks later they took the test again - it was still positive," - shares Darata.

Then pneumonia developed with 15% lung damage. Yulia was hospitalized and treated in the same way as everyone else. The symptoms disappeared, but the virus did not go anywhere - the PCR test consistently turned out to be positive for seven months.

"They treated her as standard. Observed regularly, every three to four days," - says the pulmonologist of the Chernivtsi hospital.

The specialists shrugged their shoulders, and the situation became dangerous. It was necessary to continue to undergo cancer therapy, but the German doctors did not dare to do this.

"They were afraid to treat me further. There was a big break, because they are doing chemo, and it depresses me even more," - says Julia.

In the end, everything ended well. The coronavirus, which appeared in November 2020, went away in June 2021. However, the woman says she needs additional rehabilitation. After her recovery, she developed kidney problems.

This case is certainly interesting from the point of view of medicine. At a minimum, cancer patients are now known to be at additional risk. Julia herself hopes that thanks to her story, doctors will figure out how to work with patients like her.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the issue of a booster dose of the vaccine is acute. Information on the topic is ambiguous. On the one hand, the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko on the air of the TV channel "1 + 1" statedthat 2022 million doses of Pfizer vaccine will arrive in the country in 25. On the other hand, in order for Ukrainians to be able to use them in January, it is necessary that the number of people vaccinated with two doses be at least 50%. In the meantime, there are about 40% of them.

Earlier we reported that the first vaccinated people had already received "Vovina Thousand". Some are happy to spend it on books and movies.while others protest, calling the payment "a mockery of the Ukrainian people."

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