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22 November 2022 12: 00
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PMC "Wagner" may be recognized as a terrorist organization, the Russians are preparing to defend the Belgorod region: military news for November 22

One of the Russian strikes hit a distribution point for humanitarian aid.

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PMC "Wagner" may be recognized as a terrorist organization, the Russians are preparing to defend the Belgorod region: military news for November 22

Today is the 272th day of the war.

Due to severe bad weather in eastern Ukraine, the intensity of ground battles has decreased, but shelling, on the contrary, has intensified. Key ground battles are being fought in the Donetsk direction.

The European Parliament wants to recognize Wagner as terrorists

The European Parliament is currently discussion ideas about recognizing PMC "Wagner" as a terrorist organization. The deputies said that PMC fighters in Ukraine violated international law. In addition, they, in addition to Ukraine, fought in Syria, Sudan, Mozambique and the Central African Republic. Private hired militia, according to MEPs, should be included in the list of terrorist organizations.

According to Politico, the initiative received support among MEPs, and a corresponding letter has already been sent to the head of the European Council Charles Michel and Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petru Fiala.

Maritime influence of the Russian Federation may weaken

On November 18, there were reports of an attack on an oil terminal in the port of Novorossiysk, which is located on the Black Sea coast of the Russian Federation and near which a large base of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is located, although the official representative of Transneft Igor Demin information about the attack from a drone on the oil harbor "Sheskharis" denied.

In this regard, British intelligence believes that the maritime influence of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea can be weakened by demonstrating the ability of Ukraine to threaten Novorossiysk.

Recall that after Ukraine fired at the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol in the summer, it was in Novorossiysk that the Russian Federation redeployed a significant part of its submarines.

What and where was fired upon?

Over the past day, Russian forces launched 9 air and 7 missile strikes on Ukraine, as well as carried out more than 50 attacks from the MLRS. It is reported that civilian infrastructure facilities in Kamyshevakh and Novotroitsk in the Zaporozhye region were damaged.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine notes that the Russians do not stop attacking industrial facilities, but it is not specified which specific facilities were damaged during the latest shelling.

В Orekhovo Zaporozhye region was fired at the point of issue of humanitarian aid, located on the premises of the school, as a result of which one female social worker died, two more were injured. At night, from the side of Energodar, was subjected to shelling Manganese. In Kherson 2 people died from artillery attacks, 7 more were injured.

And because of the shelling of uncontrolled Ukraine Yasinovataya in the Donetsk region, the city was left completely without electricity.

What happens on the battlefield?

Institute for the Study of War reports that the weather has led to a slowdown in hostilities in eastern Ukraine over the past two days. So, heavy rain and slush either suspended ground attacks, or greatly slowed them down. But the artillery fire, on the contrary, greatly intensified.

The Russians continue to shelling of Kherson, and also - to strike at, as they claim, the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kozatsky district of the Novokahovsky bridge across the Dnieper and near the village. Clapping.

On the Zaporozhye direction Orekhov, Zheleznodorozhny, Malinovka and other settlements were shelled.

On the Donetsk direction Russians continue to conduct assault operations in the areas of Novomikhailovka, Bakhmut and Artemovsk. On the outskirts of Bakhmut, fierce battles do not stop, the Wagnerites are also attacking Kurdyumovka south of the city.

Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks on Lugansk direction in Stelmahovka.

Meanwhile Russians are preparing for possible attacks by the Ukrainian side on the Belgorod region. So, the governor of the region published photos of defensive structures in the region.

PMC "Wagner" may be recognized as a terrorist organization, the Russians are preparing to defend the Belgorod region: military news for November 22 - photo 1

We previously published military news for November 21 and told that Zelensky asks to protect the Ukrainian sky, and NATO promises to help with what it can.

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