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06 July 2022 15: 45
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To protect the Hungarians: Hungary explained why they do not supply weapons to Ukraine

At the same time, the Western press wrote that Hungary could secretly supply weapons to Ukraine.

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To protect the Hungarians: Hungary explained why they do not supply weapons to Ukraine

Hungary decided not to supply weapons to Ukraine in order to protect the Hungarians on the territory of Ukraine from shelling. About it said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjarto.

 “150 Hungarians live in the western part of Ukraine. It is clear that if we delivered weapons, then these arms shipments would be a target for the Russians, No? We do not want the Russians to shoot at the territory where the Hungarians live, because, I say again, we do not want to get involved in this conflict. Therefore, we must take into account the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people."Szijjarto said.

According to him, Hungary condemned the war from the very beginning, stands for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and accepted 830 Ukrainians as refugees, which became the largest form of humanitarian assistance in the history of the country.

The minister also commented on Hungary's refusal to impose an oil embargo. According to him, the country's share in the total European fuel purchases is very small, but at the same time, in the event of a failure, there is no opportunity to provide the country with a sufficient amount of fuel now. To do this, you need to change transport routes, which may require a lot of money and about 5-7 years.

“And one thing, in my opinion, we cannot allow: make the Hungarian people pay for the war. Because the responsibility for the fact that the war broke out does not lie with the Hungarian people, we did not want this war, we do not want this war, but we cannot replace Russian energy carriers with something else tomorrow or next year., The minister said.

Recall that Hungary refused to allow weapons through its territory from the very beginning of the war. Because of this position, the country was even accused of "playing in favor of the Kremlin." At the same time, in April, the American edition of The New York Times wrotethat Hungary supposedly secretly supplied weapons to Ukraine through other countriesHowever, there is no official confirmation of this information for obvious reasons. Budapest also supported Ukraine's application for the status of an EU candidate country.

We also recall that on May 3, 2022, the Russians launched a rocket attack on the Volovets territorial community in Transcarpathia. The impact damaged the gas pipeline and railway infrastructure. This was the first and so far the only shelling of the region.

As a result of the shelling, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Tomasz Menzer saidthat his country did the right thing when it decided not to supply weapons to Ukraine. According to him, if military cargo crosses the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, they can become targets for Russian missiles.

With all this, officially diplomatic relations between the countries remain good, and Szijjártó offered Ukraine to export grain through the territory of Hungary.

At the end of July, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky expressed to the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban public gratitude.

“Thanked [Orban] for supporting Ukrainian sovereignty and sheltering Ukrainians during the war. We agreed to develop cooperation in the energy sector. Grateful for supporting candidate status in Ukraine. Invited him to visit Ukraine"Zelensky wrote.

To protect the Hungarians: in Hungary they explained why they do not supply weapons to Ukraine - photo 1

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