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08 August 2021 15: 57
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What did you do for hip-hop at your age: Arakhamia “lit up” at a disco surrounded by “ship pines”

While Jean Beleniuk won "gold" at the Olympics, David Arakhamia "showed off" in front of the youth at the DJ console. As they say, who studied what.

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What did you do for hip-hop at your age: Arakhamia “lit up” at a disco surrounded by “ship pines”

Head of the presidential faction David Arakhamia temporarily retrained as a DJ. In particular, at the congress of the youth wing of the party "Servant of the People" "Ze! Kemp", which took place in Skadovsk, Arachamia under the name David Brown “cut down” a couple of tracks for young “servants”.

Based official information from the SN website, the event, which brought together about 300 representatives of youth organizations, lasted three days and included: "fascinating lectures, incendiary parties, yoga training, quests, a philosophical club with people's deputies and much more."

In general, while People's Deputy from the Servants of the People Zhan Beleniuk fought for the only gold medal for the Ukrainian national team Olympic Games in Tokyo, David Arakhamia "annealed" at the DJ console. Well, it all depends on the ability, although the network notes that Arakhamia as a DJ looks more harmonious than as a politician.

So former "servant" Anton Polyakov, commenting in his Telegram and the congress of the "youth" and the speech of the head of the faction, he noted that Arakhamia should think about changing the type of activity, since "he does better DJing in rural clubs than politics."

“Instead of studying public administration, economics and law, they are engaged in quests, yoga and incendiary parties. - Posted by Polyakov. - Arakhamia, Kornienko, Bezuglaya, Tretyakova, Tishchenko, Bragar, Yurchenko, Kamelchuk - this is an incomplete list of the leading “philosophers” of the CH party who will tell you how to survive by selling a dog and land, which children and parents are right, who deserves a subsidy and who does not, what “pies” you can take, and for which you will be arrested by NABU, and, of course, everything about the “ship pine” and “aykos”».

Klymenko Time repeatedly wrote about, at least, the strange statements of the head of the presidential faction. Like, for example, the fact that Arachamia called Ukraine's loss of nuclear status a "fatal mistake", because otherwise now Kyiv could "blackmail the whole world." Previously he stated that Ukraine is not taken to NATO because the Alliance is “not brave enough” to do so. What else Zelensky will speak with Biden "in a raised voice."

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