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16 September 2022 17: 00
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What do you say now, Mr. Scholz? In the US, they said they did not forbid Berlin to send tanks to Ukraine

It suddenly turned out that NATO countries do not have to ask Washington what weapons to send to Ukraine and what not.

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What do you say now, Mr. Scholz? In the US, they said they did not forbid Berlin to send tanks to Ukraine

While the chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, as well as members of his government, do their best to fight off uncomfortable questions regarding the delivery of German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, moreover, referring to the need to act in tandem with the Western allies, US Embassy in Berlin with one single tweet nullified Scholz's main argument. In addition, Washington allegedly begins to doubt in the reliability of the Chancellor of Germany and his willingness to help Ukraine. About it пишет edition of Die Welt.

More expected from Berlin

It all started with the fact that unexpectedly, for the first time since taking office, and it was in February, the US Ambassador to Germany appears on German television screens Amy Gutman which, as they say, began "for the health" of the German government, and ended, practically "for the rest."

“Ambassadors rarely make public any demands on the host country. Even less often they openly criticize it. But that’s exactly what Gutman did. more." Including that Berlin "will take on a larger leadership role." What she means, Gutman did not say - even after she was specifically asked about it ", writes Die Welt.

According to the publication, it is quite clear that in an American assessment of German politics in respect of Ukraine cardinal changes are taking place, and this is evidenced not only by Gutman's speech.

“In the eyes of the Biden administration, the indecisive course of Olaf Scholz is expressed not only in the quantitative backlog in the supply of weapons. Washington doubts the principled loyalty of the German chancellor to Kyiv ... Since the outbreak of hostilities, he (Olaf Scholz. - Ed.) that Ukraine must win this conflict," - says the publication.

According to the German edition, Washington makes it increasingly clear that its patience with Germany comes to the end.

“The United States pushed Scholz for several months to make the necessary decisions. Only under pressure from Germany supplied Ukraine with heavy weapons and later agreed to supply multiple launch rocket systems. Recently, the chancellor refused to supply infantry fighting vehicles and tanks, arguing that the United States also does not supply these types of weapons, - reminds Die Welt.

But at the American embassy refuted the need "keep up" with USA in question deliveries of weapons to Kyivhinting that the government Germany must act independently, not ask Washingtonthat he should send to Ukraine.

"The decision on the type of assistance in the end, each country must make independently," the embassy tweeted.

After that, the diplomatic department called on all allies and partners "provide maximum support to Ukraine in the struggle for its democratic sovereignty."

At the request of the Die Welt newspaper, the US government also confirmed that they had not given instructions to Berlin not to send armored vehicles to Ukraine.

"Germany should not only say that it wants to become a leading power, but also show it. And now it means one thing - to help Ukraine", the US government told the publication.

That is, Washington is hinting that it no longer wants to push the chancellor to every step they need. In the US, they want Scholz to show at least some initiative.

The publication of the German edition notes that a similar signal was recently sent to Germany by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Last Friday, speaking with the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkenhe said he thinks the defeat of Ukraine more dangerousthan the underfilled arsenals of NATO countries. Thus, according to Stoltenberg, NATO states must supply weapons to Ukraine instead of stockpiling it in case their own territory is attacked.

What is fundamentally at odds with the recent speech of the German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht who stated that cannot send armored vehicles to Ukraine, as the Bundeswehr needs them: "we ourselves need a strong, combat-ready armed force so that we can defend ourselves and our alliance if necessary," - explained the Minister of Defense of Germany.

It is also worth recalling that the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that it German weapons played a "decisive" role in Ukraine's recent successful counter-offensive in the Kharkov region.

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