25 October 2022 13: 00
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What can Ukraine expect from the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak?

The new prime minister may prioritize domestic politics at the expense of aid to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Institute of Politics
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What can Ukraine expect from the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak?

The new leader of the British Conservative Party Rishi Sunak will be appointed prime minister today. About it пишет Ukrainian Institute of Politics.

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The day before, the leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordont announced that she was withdrawing her candidacy for the post of leader of the Conservatives. Also Boris Johnson refused to fight for the premiership of Great Britain. In his opinion, now is not the right time for this.

Rishi Sunak ruled out early general elections in the country. Previously, this demand was made by the opposition Labor Party.

Liz Truss last week announced her resignation after six weeks in office as British prime minister. Despite a short term in power, she was accused of failures in the economy. Recall that under the new already ex-premier Liz Truss, the rating of the ruling conservative party sank in the polls to a historic low - 21%. And opposition Labor's ratings jumped to 54%.

According to rumors, Elizabeth II was opposed to a Hindu leading Britain during her lifetime. King Charles III, by contrast, is multicultural and advocates for the renewal of the British elite. He also has connections with Indian business clans. Therefore, it is likely that the appointment of Rishi Sunak as prime minister became possible, among other things, due to the change of monarchs in the UK.

This assignment may mean further deployment of British policy towards Southeast Asia – an attempt to rediscover India, which may become the only balance of the PRC in the region.

For Ukraine, the change of prime minister in the UK may not have entirely positive consequences.

Indirectly, Rishi Sunak's attitude to the Ukrainian issue may be negatively affected by his wife's alleged Russian connections Akshaty Murthy, daughter of an Indian billionaire and owner of the IT company Infosys. Akshata Murthy herself owns about $XNUMX billion worth of Infosys shares.

This version can be supported by the recent frequent contacts of the Russian military leadership (regarding the "dirty bomb") with Great Britain and the latter's statement about possible assistance to peace negotiations (which was not observed before).

Russia also hopes that Rishi Sunak will become the "British Trump" and concentrate on domestic issues at the expense of foreign policy.

In any case, led by the new prime minister, the UK will continue to support Ukraine. But Rishi Sunak will focus on rebuilding the British economy. Accordingly, it can be assumed that against the backdrop of internal political problems the issue of support for Ukraine may fade into the background. And in practice, British political and military assistance to Ukraine will decrease somewhat. At the moment, the UK has already allocated military, financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 6,5 billion euros.

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