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31 December 2022 18: 00
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What can not be put on the New Year's table, so as not to anger the rabbit

What can not be put on the New Year's table so as not to offend the rabbit? We tell in our material.

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What can not be put on the New Year's table, so as not to anger the rabbit

On December 31, we will celebrate the year of the Black Water Rabbit, which will be happy with certain foods on the festive table, and will be seriously dissatisfied with others, which can bring trouble into your life in the new year. To avoid this, learn about products that are better not to include in the New Year's menu.

What can not be put on the New Year's rabbit table?

Given that rabbits are herbivores, the main focus should be on vegetable snacks, salads and casseroles. A properly balanced vegetarian or vegan menu would be ideal.

Most importantly, in order not to attract trouble into your life in the new year, try, if possible, to refuse to cook rabbit meat or hare meat. Beef and other fatty meats, including meat snacks like jamon, prosciutto, boiled pork, ham, or sausages, are not acceptable to the Rabbit.

If it is impossible to give up meat, then opt for poultry and fish.

Refuse cooking in the New Year's menu of legumes. The fact is that beans, peas, soybeans and chickpeas are contraindicated for the Rabbit. These animals can die after eating legumes.

The Rabbit will not be happy with dishes that contain gelatin. However, this does not mean that you need to give up aspic, it is enough just to replace the main fastening ingredient with its analogue - agar-agar.

But the Rabbit is absolutely indifferent to dairy products and eggs.

Of those products that will help please the Rabbit and bring good luck to life - fresh vegetables, especially cabbage, carrots and herbs, sweets, berries and fruits, as well as cereals.

Earlier we told you what to do with the Christmas tree, to save the tree after the New Year. 

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