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31 December 2022 13: 20
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What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays are over? Five tips for not throwing a tree in the trash

What to do with the tree when the holidays are over? Better not throw away the tree - give it a second life. We will give advice on how to save the tree.

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What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays are over? Five tips for not throwing a tree in the trash

How often after the holidays we see a sad picture: Christmas trees are lying around garbage dumps and garbage cans. How to prevent this and give a second life to the Christmas tree. we tell in the material. 

Ways to give a Christmas tree a second life


If you're a gardening enthusiast, then a great way is to remake your Christmas tree and use it as mulch. Grind it up and then scatter the cod around the plants in the garden. This way the plants will grow better.

The tree can be planted in the garden

If your Christmas tree is in a pot of earth, you can plant it in the garden after the holidays.

This type of tree should be transplanted no later than 4-6 days after Christmas. However, be sure to prepare your tree for outdoor temperatures before transplanting in the garden. Leave it for a few days in a cool place at temperatures below 10° to avoid a sudden change in temperature. In particular, to see if a tree can still be replanted, shake it. If the needles do not fall, they will be able to survive in the garden.

Suitable for heating

You can use the spruce trunk as firewood. So you definitely won't be buying wood for your stove or fireplace, at least not for a while. You can reuse the Christmas tree in the country or in your own home. From sawn trunks, you can make a border for a flower bed or decorative elements for the yard.

Feed the animals

The tree can also be used to feed animals. Opal needles made of wood can be taken to the zoo or to the farm. Conifers are suitable for feeding ungulates and birds. You can also cover stalls with coniferous branches.

Pine needles are good for health

A tree can also be useful for health. A mattress stuffed with spruce needles helps to get rid of joint pain. It can be made at home by collecting needles from a New Year's tree. A woolen blanket should be placed on top of the mattress so that it does not prick.

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