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19 March 2022 20: 00
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What to do if you find explosive or suspicious objects

Ukrainians warned against enemy booby traps.

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What to do if you find explosive or suspicious objects

Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Recalls about the danger of anti-tank, anti-personnel mines, as well as booby-traps with trip wires that are left by enemy troops.

Mining of residential areas is possible in the occupied cities of Ukraine, as a result of which civilians may suffer. Be especially careful when moving around cities where street fighting took place, in particular during your walks in forests and parks. According to the National Security and Defense Council, cases of mining the bodies of the dead have already been recorded.

What to do if you find a suspicious item:

  • in no case do not touch it;
  • immediately report the found item to the units of the State Emergency Service (101) or the police (102);
  • warn passers-by of possible danger;
  • move away from the suspicious object;
  • wait for the arrival of specialists and indicate the location of the suspicious item

Strictly forbidden:

  • smoking and using open fire near a place where an explosive object or an object similar to it is located;
  • lift, pull out of the ground, move, throw, hit and disassemble any explosive objects;
  • transfer these items to the places where people are located.

Mines and other explosive objects can be:

  • in abandoned houses;
  • on the streets;
  • on playgrounds;
  • in a suburban open space: in fields, forests, in reservoirs, on roadsides, etc.

What items can be explosive. First of all, these are items that can be of value in an occupied city:

  • mobile phone;
  • weapons or their parts;
  • first aid kits;
  • grocery sets;
  • children's toys, etc.

Signs by which an object can be identified as explosive:

  • the characteristic shape of the object, the elongated shape of the projectile;
  • the presence of electrical wires protruding from the object, or reaching for it;
  • strange sounds made by the object (clock ticking, hissing, gas release, etc.);
  • light signals that an object gives, a flashing light bulb.
  • specific smell;
  • phone tied with tape, antennas, batteries.

What to do if you find explosive or suspicious objects - photo 1

“The enemy is mining Ukrainian settlements, mostly retreating from their positions. In the literal sense - look under your feet and once again do not take risks! - are called to the National Security and Defense Council.

In some regions of Ukraine there is a threat of mining by the occupiers of agricultural land. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Denisenko, сообщил Center for Strategic Communications and Security.

According to Denisenko, not only industrial facilities, infrastructure facilities, cities, but also agricultural land are being mined. Also, the active phase of demining will last at least several years. Now a map of mining by Russian invaders of Ukrainian territories is being formed.

We have previously published tips on How to behave if you are stopped by the police.

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