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TP-Link Budget Router: 5 Reasons to Buy Promo

A quality router can be inexpensive.

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TP-Link Budget Router: 5 Reasons to Buy

Low cost is not synonymous with poor quality. A pleasant price tag is a consequence of the rejection of redundant functions and technologies that are expensive to implement. For everyday use at home, the budget solution is more than enough. You can also save on installation: the Internet is full of guides for connecting and configuring routers from popular manufacturers.

TP-Link excels in the production of network equipment from different price segments. The highlight of the range are inexpensive routers with good performance. There are at least 5 good arguments in their favor.

Nice price

The cheapest TP link router with two fixed antennas costs less than $20. Approximately the same amount will have to be paid for 2-3 months of using high-speed Internet - depending on the place of stay, the provider and the chosen tariff.

A dual-band device with three or four external antennas will cost about $30-40, and for 50-70 conventional units you can purchase a complete wireless system with MESH mode and parental control.

During the period of seasonal and holiday sales, TP Link routers have good discounts.

Attractive appearance

The manufacturer takes into account the preferences of potential users and makes the devices attractive in appearance. Among the distinctive features of routers:

  1. Compact dimensions. You can place a rectangular, round or hexagonal router on a table - next to a laptop or monitor. You don't have to free up a lot of space.
  2. Universal colors. Cases of devices are painted in those colors that are most often used by computer technology developers. Available in white, black, blue, grey, red models.
  3. Neat antenna design. They are designed in the same style as the router itself.

High quality

For expensive and budget routers - equally strict quality standards. In addition to durable, damage-resistant materials, TP-Link also uses quality boards and certified software. Before going on sale, devices are tested for factory defects, assembly reliability and correct operation.

Wide range of operating possibilities

Priced under $100, there are routers for different purposes. Main categories:

  • Home models with speeds of 300, 600 or 1300 Mbps and a set of 2 to 4 LAN ports.
  • Office devices that support the latest Wi-Fi standards and the function of creating guest networks.
  • Advanced gaming devices that work in two bands and provide consistently stable connection.

Manufacturer's warranty

Even $20 hardware comes with an official warranty. Its validity period is 24 months. If the router fails in the first 2 years of operation for reasons beyond the control of the user, it will not be necessary to spend money on its maintenance.

Cheap TP-Link routers are sold complete and ready for installation immediately after unpacking. No additional accessories are needed to prepare for work.


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