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09 March 2022 16: 31
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Briefing of Russian prisoners of war: soldiers of the Russian army told why they came to Ukraine and promised to overthrow Putin

The prisoners emphasize that they were injured before they were taken prisoner, and they are treated well in captivity.

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Briefing of Russian prisoners of war: soldiers of the Russian army told why they came to Ukraine and promised to overthrow Putin

held in Ukraine briefing with captured intelligence officers of the Russian army, in which they told how they were sent to Ukraine, how they lost colleagues in the service and were captured. The press conference was organized in Russian so that the Russian audience could understand what was being said.

The prisoners explained in detail where and when the Russian brigades were stationed, when and where they were moving, and named the names of the leadership giving orders.

Key theses of the speakers:

  • When the military went to the places of deployment, they thought they were going for joint exercises with Belarus.
  • On February 23, at 10 am, the soldiers lined up and conveyed to them the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about the attack on Ukraine, the capture of Kyiv and about the alleged protection of the population from fascism and tyranny, which, according to Putin, are present in Ukraine.
  • All documents and telephones were taken away from the military, according to the prisoner, so that there would be no leakage of information.
  • Russian troops had Iskanders, Solntsepeki and Buk air defense systems, heavy 2S19 howitzers.
  • The following Russian brigades entered Ukraine: the 15th separate motorized rifle brigade, the 385th artillery brigade, the 92nd missile brigade, the 21st heavy motorized rifle brigade (they have T-72, T-80 tanks, heavy flamethrower systems, air defense systems, self-propelled howitzers at their base) and a GRU special forces company deployed near the city of Samara, pos. Ryazh.
  • The 15th brigade entered Crimea in 2014 and, according to the prisoner, did not allow Ukrainian forces into Crimea. After that, they went first to the Rostov fields, and then to Lugansk. After these events, according to the prisoner, many mortar men quit their jobs.
  • In 2017, the 15th brigade fought in Syria on the side Bashar al-Assad.
  • In 2020, the 15th brigade entered the Syrian Arab Republic under the guise of military police and helped to suppress popular riots.
  • Local residents asked the Russian troops to leave and said that there were no fascists in Ukraine.
  • Retreating, the Russian troops got stuck in the swamps and decided to burn the military vehicle, hiding in the forests.
  • When the Russians surrendered on their own initiative, they were fed, watered and treated kindly. Then they were taken to the hospital.
  • Being in Ukrainian captivity, the Russians heard the constant shelling of Russian heavy artillery, and Russian planes dropped bombs on hospitals, educational institutions, kindergartens and medical facilities.

Summarizing what has been said, the military present at the briefing asked the Ukrainians for forgiveness for the invasion and called on the Russian military not to go to war, and those who arrived to lay down their arms and refuse to fight. The military also called themselves war criminals and explained that they received all the bruises and injuries before being taken prisoner - and they were subsequently helped to process them. In addition, a number of military personnel turned to Putin and promised that he could expect an armed struggle of the people against the central government of the Russian Federation. In particular, some military men have directly stated that they are ready to overthrow the Russian president with weapons in their hands.

Earlier we wrote that, according to Stoltenberg, if the Russian Federation attacks the supply chains of NATO aid to Ukraine, it will attack the entire Alliance.

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