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11 March 2022 17: 15
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Briefing of captured Russian pilots: the military confessed to the bombing of peaceful cities

According to the pilots, they were not warned about the presence of air defense in Ukraine, and they cannot check the performance of the parachutes before the flight.

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Briefing of captured Russian pilots: the military confessed to the bombing of peaceful cities

passed in Kyiv briefing three captured Russian pilots who performed combat missions on the territory of Ukraine and were shot down by Ukrainian air defense. The moderation of the broadcast was carried out in Russian in order to understand everything that was said in Russia.

The prisoners gave their ranks, names, personal numbers and numbers of the military units in which they served.

The main theses of the speech of the pilots:

  • Pilot training was carried out as preparation for and participation in the Russian-Belarusian exercises "Allied Resolve - 2022". After the completion of the exercises, preparations for delivering strikes on the territory of Ukraine continued.
  • Pilots were trained in flying at extremely low altitudes, anti-aircraft defense, tactical launches of air-to-radar missiles (designed to destroy emitting radar stations of anti-aircraft missile systems and land-based and sea-based systems).
  • In January 2022, the pilots were informed about the prospect of participating in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.
  • The combat order for the invasion of Ukraine and its further capture was received by the regiments on February 23 from 18:00 to 20:00, then the pilots received a combat order to strike from February 24.
  • Crimean aviation provided air support for the Russian ground forces during their invasion of Ukraine, and also covered the landing of amphibious assault forces from ships of the Black Sea Fleet.
  • The shelling was carried out with high-explosive aerial bombs with a total mass of 3-4 tons (depending on the departure) of 250 and 500 kg caliber with a radius of destruction of 60 meters. The pilots had no task from the high command to use accurate laser guidance during bombing.
  • In the process of completing the task, one pilot realized that the goal was not enemy military installations, residential buildings and civilians. The strikes were also delivered on the radar facilities of Ukraine.
  • The pilots were convinced that Ukraine was weak in air defense, everything was old and did not work, and they were not informed about the presence of working air defense systems on the territory of Ukraine.
  • One of the prisoners said that closing the skies over Ukraine would contribute to the speedy end of the conflict (in this wording).
  • The pilots believe that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will not use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, but will continue to scare them.
  • The prisoners stressed that they had the opportunity to disobey the order.
  • Before the flight, Russian pilots do not have the opportunity to check the performance of parachutes and ejection seats.
  • The prisoners said that they were being treated well: they were not beaten, they spoke Russian, there was no pressure on them, and noted that there were neither fascists nor neo-Nazis here.
At the end of their speeches, the pilots asked for forgiveness from the Ukrainian people and called on the Russian troops to stop fighting and bombing peaceful cities.

We previously published key points from the briefing of prisoners of war of the Russian army.

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