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21 October 2022 16: 45
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“Boriska to reign?”: Britain is preparing for the next prime ministerial election, Ukraine “drowns” for Johnson

Many conservatives do support the return of the "prodigal" Johnson, but not all.

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“Boriska to reign?”: Britain is preparing for the next prime ministerial election, Ukraine “drowns” for Johnson

After yesterday 78th British Prime Minister resignation letter Liz Truss, held in office record short 45 days, the Conservatives again faced a difficult choice and they have a rather hot political week ahead of them.

Can do without elections

The name of the new prime minister should be announced next week, until October 31, this was stated by the head of the "Committee of 1922" (a parliamentary group of the Conservative Party) Graham Brady. And the chairman of the Conservative Party Jake Berry added that the election process would be completed 28 October. And if there is only one applicant, then everything will happen even earlier.

And this option is not excluded at all, because this time rules have been tightened. how пишет The Guardian to become candidate for party leader the applicant must obtain consent twentyas before, and as many as a hundred Conservative deputies. This is done in order to maximize shorten the list of candidates and speed up the election process. Thus, if the support of a hundred deputies receives only one contender, then it will automatically become party leader and prime minister.

There is another option that will allow you to do without elections, so one of the two candidates who reached the final can withdraw his candidacy before the start of voting, as did Andrea Leadsom in 2016, thanks to which Theresa May became party leader without a vote of all its members. But in any case, at this stage, everything depends on how many candidates can collect the coveted hundred votes.

But for now, the plan is:

  • Candidate nomination for Prime Minister opened last night and will close at 14:00 Monday. 
  • First vote deputies will pass from 15:30 to 17:30 on Monday. If there are three candidates, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated.
  • Result will be announced in 18:00 Monday. If a second vote is required (tentatively), it will be held from 18:30 to 20:30 on Monday. The result will be announced in 21:00.
  • If there are two candidates, Conservative members will again be able to vote, and The winner will be chosen by Friday.

Sunak, Johnson and ???

One of the main contenders is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, loser in september Liz Tras.

Not at all against fighting for the return of the prime minister's chair and becoming the head of government twice Boris Johnson, who, for the sake of this, even interrupted his vacation in the Caribbean and, as the British media write, began to privately consult with fellow party members about his nomination.

If we believe british bookmakers, then they are ready to bet on Johnson only 18% players. And based on polls that took place two days before the resignation of Liz Truss, 32% conservative (was asked 530 party members) would like to see Boris Johnson as the next prime minister, and Rishi Sunak is only second in popularity.

But not all of Johnson's party members unequivocally believe in his success. Thus, the former Conservative cabinet minister David Leadington publicly stated that Boris Johnson has already "had a chance"and now to the British government "really needs competence", and in his opinion, Boris Johnson is not the right person for this job.

"Boris Johnson has always been the one to focus on the big picture, not on the details... just a few months ago the Conservative Parliamentary Party concluded that it couldn't go on like this and it would be wrong for him to remain as prime minister."said Leadington.

And analysts Sky News believe that in addition to Sunak and Johnson, the candidates for the post of Tory leader may also be the Minister of the Interior, who resigned the day before Liz Truss Suella Braverman, current Minister of Defense Ben Wallace, current leader of the Conservative caucus in the House of Commons and former Secretary of Defense Penny Mordont, who is second in the bookmaker rankings behind Sunak and the newly appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt True, he has already officially refused to participate in the elections.


Given the special relationship to Boris Johnson в Ukraine, of course, they could not stay away from the election race that began suddenly in United Kingdom. But as always, they got into trouble. And the British accused Ukraine almost to interfere in their elections, пишет Newsweek

Did not make it Liz Tras to announce his resignation, and Johnson to declare that he is rushing from the islands to fight for premiership, as a meme with the image of Bob Odenkirk - the stars of the popular TV show in Britain "Better call Saul"whose face has been changed to face Boris Johnson. Well, the signature, respectively, read: "Beter call Boris" (Better call Boris. - Eng.)

“Boriska to reign?”: Britain is preparing for the next prime ministerial election, Ukraine “drowns” for Johnson - photo 1

This seemingly harmless joke caused quite a stormy reaction on Twitter. So Professor of Law at the University of Essex, Steve Pierce, bluntly wrote that Ukraine should not interfere in the political processes in other countries, especially if they understand little about it.

"Have you considered not commenting on political processes in other countries, so as not to alienate your broad base of support and because you simply do not understand what is happening there?" he wrote.

Irish journalist Andrew Quinn called the tweet "absolutely shameful" and "a real slap in the face" to all the people in the UK who supported Ukraine and accepted Ukrainian refugees into their homes.

Professor of Public Health at the University of Southampton Nisrin Alvan considered the tweet "incredibly offensive".

Former British MP Andy Sowford wrote that this was a "very poor estimate".

Blogger James Dart urged Ukrainians to stop "extolling" Boris Johnsonnoting that the British "The vast majority hate him."

Such a violent reaction is also possible due to the fact that the British saw a play on words in this meme. After all, the phrase "Beter call Boris", in addition to the main translation - "better call Boris", can also be interpreted as "better call Boris" or "better call Boris."

I must say that after a wave of criticism, ma'am disappeared from the official account of Ukraine, but as you know, manuscripts and tweets do not burn. And the image went for a walk around the Internet.

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