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13 October 2022 17: 15
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Chatterbox is a godsend for a spy: Kuleba admitted to Russian pranksters that the explosions in Crimea were the work of Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was sure that he was talking to former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, and decided to "boast".

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Chatterbox is a godsend for a spy: Kuleba admitted to Russian pranksters that the explosions in Crimea were the work of Ukraine

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba in a conversation with Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov и Alexey Stolyarov (Vovan and Lexus) admitted that Kyiv was behind the attacks on the Crimea and the Belgorod region. True, the minister was sure that he was talking with the former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

"Crimea is not the closest operational target. But if you ask me who is blowing up something in Crimea or Belgorod, then in private communication, as far as Zoom can call it private, I will tell you that yes, it's us"Kuleba said.

According to him, Crimea is "a source of ammunition for the RF Armed Forces and a base for Russian aircraft." The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also admitted that counterattack in the south Kyiv prepared "in close cooperation with the allies - the US and the UK in the first place."

In addition, the Foreign Minister complained that money promised by the West  Ukraine until the end of the year "More or less will last."

"With the current balance, we need around $5 billion a month. But this is all unstable in reality, so the sooner we end the war, the better"Kuleba said.

There are no comments yet from the minister himself. Although strange, usually Dmitry Kuleba before Twitwr promptly responds to any statements, especially if they are not to his liking, how it was with the peace plan Elon Musk, which was subjected to a flurry of criticism from both politicians and Ukrainians. But, apparently, when you yourself are the author of statements, especially such statements, you need to think carefully about what to answer, and whether it is worth it at all.

But it’s one thing when Russia declares the involvement of Ukrainian special services in explosions in Crimea and not only, and another when the head of the country’s Foreign Ministry speaks openly about this, albeit in a private conversation.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that according to the words Dmitry Kuleba, Ukraine counts on a positive change in the position of NATO members, previously skeptical about its entry into the Alliance of our country, since now "The situation has changed radically."

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