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15 December 2022 20: 30
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More than 70% of Ukrainian refugees do not plan to return home in the near future

Two-thirds of the Ukrainians who fled the war to Germany came from regions that were particularly hard hit by the fighting.

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More than 70% of Ukrainian refugees do not plan to return home in the near future

Every third refugee from Ukraine staying in Germany would like to stay in the country forever, or at least for the next few years. Writes about it BILD referring to the data of the sociological study "Refugees from Ukraine in Germany - flight, arrival and life", in which 11 thousand Ukrainianslocated in Germany.

The survey was conducted from August to October by the research center of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) and the German Institute for Economic Research.

So, according to sociologists 26% of Ukrainians declared that they wanted to stay in Germany forever. More 11% refugees want to stay for a few years. And about a third of the refugees (34%) want to leave Germanybut only after the end of the war. And only 2% of Ukrainians plan to return home again within a year. Rest 27% of survey participants have not yet decided on future plans.

It is noted that two-thirds of those who fled to Germany from the war came from the regions of Ukraine, which were particularly hard hit by the fighting. 60% of Ukrainians cite family members, friends and acquaintances who already live here as the main reason for choosing Germany as their destination. Other commonly cited motives are respect for human rights in Germany, the social security system, the education system, the culture of hospitality and the economic situation in the country. Wherein 18% of refugees said they came to Germany by accident.

Of 1 Ukrainian refugees in Germany 80% women of which almost half (48%) lives with minor children in families.

At the time of the survey 17% refugees of working age had a job. According to the study, most of them are 71% were looking for a jobfor which a higher education or professional qualification was required.

Recall that almost 8 million Ukrainians left the country because of the warwhich is one fifth of the total population. At the same time, about 13 million people continue to remain in areas of intense hostilities and in Russian-occupied territories. And from cities on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, 46 people were evacuated.

And against the backdrop of problems with energy supply, which are caused by Russian shelling of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, 7% of citizens are actively preparing to move elsewhere for the winter.

Previously, we wrote that usually a third of those who left return from migration, and told that After the war, only 28 million people can remain in Ukraine.

But despite the war, problems with light, water and heat -Ukrainians are optimistic about the future and have high hopes for 2023in particular, they believe in the victory of Ukraine.

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