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16 November 2022 19: 00
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Blackouts can lead to rising unemployment: what you need to get benefits

Unemployed Ukrainians can receive a maximum of UAH 10 per month from the state.

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Blackouts can lead to rising unemployment: what you need to get benefits

Ongoing massive shelling of Ukraine's critical infrastructure and as a consequence - constant rolling blackoutscause trouble not only Ukrainians in their homesbut business hit hard. Some businesses due to blackouts forced to reduce work schedules and production volumesand even close completely. Accordingly, this will entail rising unemployment.

On According to State Employment Service, the number of registered vacancies by the end of October is 32 thousand units. This is more than half as much as on the corresponding date last year, when it was available 70 thousand vacancies. Still looking for work 250 thousand unemployed. In this way, Today 8 unemployed apply for one vacancy, while last year it was 4 person.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of a full-scale war about 2,5 million Ukrainians have lost their jobs, now many will face this not very pleasant situation for the first time. And before you start monitoring sites with vacancies и interview trips, which, judging by the above statistics of the State Employment Service, do not promise to be numerous, it is worth registering and obtaining the status of unemployed.

What to do to apply for unemployment status

First need apply to the employment center at the place of residence. This can be done in one of the ways - to visit the center physically, to submit an application in electronic form on the website, either through the "Diya" application, or by calling, пишет TSN.ua.

After cancellation martial law, during the first 30 days you need to bring original documents to the center, namely a work book, a document on education (original or duplicate), a military registration sheet on dismissal from service.

If internally displaced persons can't confirm the fact of his dismissal from work after changing their place of residence, they must file notice of termination of employment, if possible - a settlement document confirming the sending of the above application to the employer.

If a person left Ukraine, he will automatically stop receiving assistance.

What benefits can the unemployed receive?

Unemployment benefits begin to accrue immediately after registration. The amount of the benefit depends on the insurance period of the unemployed person and his average income. unemployment benefits depending on the amount of insurance experience, they cannot be less than the following percentage of the average wage (income) of the unemployed:

  • up to 3 years of experience - 50% of income,
  • from 3 to 6 years of experience - 55% of the average salary,
  • from 6 to 12 years - 60%,
  • from 12 to 18 years - 65%,
  • from 18 to 24 years - 70%,
  • from 24 to 30 years - 75%,
  • over 30 years - 80%.

How long is unemployment benefit paid?

  • For the first 90 calendar days, 100% of the assigned assistance is paid.
  • Over the next 90 days - 80%,
  • The rest of the time until the status is canceled - 70%.

The maximum amount of unemployment benefit cannot exceed 150% minimum wage, as of 1 December after the increase in the minimum wage it will be 10 736 UAH.

UPD: new rules for helping the unemployed in wartime

Unemployed Ukrainians since November will receive payments for three months instead of six. Ukraine has changed the duration and amount of state aid. October 29 came into force changes in the laws “On Employment” and “On Compulsory National Insurance in Case of Unemployment”.

For those who received benefits before October 29, the period of its payment was reduced, said Olga, Deputy Director of the Regional Employment Center Natalia Unknown. For the unemployed, who, on the date of entry into force of this law, have already been assigned the payment of benefits and they have received it for more than 90 days, another 30 calendar days are added. The payment ends on November 28th. Those who did not have 90 days at the time the law came into force will end on the 91st calendar day.

The amount of maximum assistance from UAH 9 reduced to the minimum wage - 6 hryvnia.

Earlier we wrote about what products will rise in price in Ukraine due to constant power outages. And also that Ukrainians face the problem of unemployment not only at home, but also in Europe.

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