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29 November 2022 10: 00
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With good intentions… An entrepreneur from Odessa is accused of illegally selling electricity during blackouts

The man converted his office into a co-working space, where during the absence of electricity you can recharge your phone and work on your laptop, but he charged a nominal fee for entry.

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With good intentions… An entrepreneur from Odessa is accused of illegally selling electricity during blackouts

Last week, during the last blackout in one of the residential areas of Odessa, on the basis of the copy center, its owner equipped so-called coworking. The entrepreneur installed a generator bought at his own expense in the premises, thus giving residents of nearby houses the opportunity to charge their gadgets or surf the Internet for a while.

“I took a symbolic entrance fee - 50 hryvnia - purely for fuel for the generator. And for pensioners, the entrance was generally free.», - says Dmitry.

In addition, according to him, the entrance fee somewhat reduced the influx of people, which made it possible to maintain a calm and quiet atmosphere in the room. Judging by the comments in Facebook, people perceived the appearance of such a point quite positively and the entrance fee did not bother anyone. But the situation took a new turn after as one of the visitors decided boil there kettle, which led to the shutdown of the entire system.

According to a local journalist Oksana Celestial, after this incident, the impromptu coworking was visited by the police. «And then the police came with accusations that Dmitry was “unauthorized” selling electricity, because in some house chat someone indicated his address as a “point of invincibility”, and he competes, they say ... with DTEK, without having a license to sell electricity . He explains: we do not have such a sign, we rent a room, we have all the necessary documents. Police: but one woman was not allowed to charge! Dmitry explains: this is not a violation, we ourselves dispose of the premises, because it is ours! It got to the point that they wanted to remove the generator. Only thanks to the intervention of a lawyer did it not come to this, the technician described and left in storage, - she said.

On words Dmitry Osovsky, they want to fine him 34 0UAH 00, December 16, a court hearing is scheduled.

It is worth noting that the case when people with suitable premises and equipment, open this kind of hubs - far from the only one. And against the background of the fact that the advertised "Invincibility Points" work far from perfect and not all work at allAt least, as practice in the capital has shown, people, especially in residential neighborhoods, are in dire need of such services.

But here the fine line should not be violated, when the provision of such services will turn into enrichment at the expense of the critical situation and the Ukrainians left without light. At the same time, not all entrepreneurs who provide their premises for use, their generator, which is refueled at their own expense, can and want to do full charity, and by and large, are not required to do so.

And here, it seems to us, so that such points can open and work legally, a separate mechanism should be developed, at least at the level of local authorities. And now it's not about how to complicate everything with bureaucratic troubles and aggravate the corruption component by authorizing certain bodies to issue the appropriate permits. The scheme should be operational, fast and prevent any speculation both in obtaining permission to open such hubs and in providing services.

It sounds, of course, somewhat utopian, but no matter how good intentions entrepreneurs pursue, any collection of fees should not violate the law, especially in such a difficult situation for the country and Ukrainians.

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