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27 June 2022 15: 15
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Unemployed Ukrainians will be able to retire early: how to do it?

For such a retirement, you must meet a number of conditions.

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Unemployed Ukrainians will be able to retire early: how to do it?

The war in Ukraine has led to an unprecedented rise in unemployment in the country, leaving a significant number of Ukrainians virtually without a livelihood. Not everyone succeeds in finding a new income, but for some Ukrainians, early retirement can alleviate the situation.

A number of Ukrainians can retire before the age of 60, but for this it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

  • before the official retirement, a person should have less than one and a half years;
  • an employee applying for early retirement must be dismissed at the initiative of the owner of the enterprise or a body authorized by him in connection with a reduction in staff or liquidation, reorganization or bankruptcy of the enterprise;
  • the dismissed person must necessarily register with the state employment service, but there must be no suitable job for him;
  • a person must have the necessary insurance experience: 30 years for women and 35 years for men.

Recall that earlier the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said now officially registered unemployed people will be given 30 days to choose their future place of work. If during this period they do not agree to the proposed vacancies, they will be involved in socially useful work with a minimum wage of UAH 6500 before taxes, that is, a person will receive 5232 UAH 50 kop.

In this way, the government decided to reduce the cost of payments to the unemployed in the conditions of war.

Ukrainians reduce the length of service due to the war

Due to the fact that a worker in the war can be sent on vacation at their own expense for several months or even for the entire period of the war, many Ukrainians will not only have a shorter insurance period due to the termination of deductions from the single insurance premium, but also, as a result, retire they will come out later, and the pension itself will be less.

In addition, if an employee falls ill during such forced leave, he will also not receive temporary disability benefits. Therefore, lawyers recommend that Ukrainians, if possible, not agree to such initiatives of the employer.

Recall that in order to partially solve this problem, the deputies developed a bill that provides for the possibility of not including the period of work in the war in the insurance experience while maintaining the experience itself. If the bill is passed, the decrease in income during the war will not affect the formula for calculating the size of the pension, lowering it. The bill is currently under consideration by the committee. For more information about the deputy initiative, we told in our material.

We also wrote that 600 thousand Ukrainians were left without pensionsand told how to get help from the Unity for the Future Foundation and the $1KProject project.

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