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02 December 2022 14: 30
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Biden announced the condition for negotiations with Putin: Peskov replied

And in Russia, the number of supporters of peace talks is rapidly growing.

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Biden announced the condition for negotiations with Putin: Peskov replied

U.S. President Joe Biden until he intends to speak with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, however, he voiced his readiness for negotiations if Putin is really interested in ending the war he has unleashed in Ukraine. Biden said this at a press conference following a meeting with the President Emmanuel Macron.

“Let me be very careful: I am ready to talk to Putin if he is really interested in finding a solution on how the way out of this war can be. He hasn't done this yet. If this is indeed the case, then I am in consultation with my friends from France and NATO I will be ready to sit down at the negotiating table with Putin to find out what he wants and what is on his mind», the US President said, adding that until then the US would continue to support Ukraine.

“This war can end in one rational way - if Putin withdraws troops from Ukraine. Of course he won't. For this, he paid a high price, committed an incredible massacre against the civilian population of Ukraine - bombed kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages for children. What he does is disgusting.", Biden said.

Following the meeting, the presidents issued a joint statement condemning the Russian aggression in Ukraine and promising to provide assistance as much as needed.

And Macron said that the West will not push Ukraine to such compromises that it will consider unacceptable.

Recall that the President of the United States has avoided any contact with the President of the Russian Federation since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, as it turned out, behind the scenes, the United States maintained contact with the Russian Federation and even discussed the possibility of concessions on the issue of Crimea.

Recall that the Ukrainian authorities insist that the only condition for starting negotiations is the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine to the state of the borders of 1991, that is, the return of all territories, including Crimea.

The war will go on

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said in response to Biden: “In fact, what President Biden said. He said that negotiations are possible only after Putin leaves Ukraine. That's what he said".

According to him, the Kremlin will not agree to this, and the “special military operation” continues. But at the same time, Putin allegedly “was, is and remains open for contacts and negotiations”. And Peskov called "peaceful diplomatic means" the most preferable way to achieve "our interests."

Russian society is for peace

Online unveiled according to the results of a closed poll of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, according to the results of which, approximately 55% of respondents are now in favor of peace negotiations with Ukraine, and only 25% are in favor of continuing the war. Note that this survey has not been officially published.

At the same time, his data may well correspond to reality, since similar results were published by the Levada Center: according to research, "for" and "rather for" the peace talks in October were 57% of Russians.

Biden announced the condition for negotiations with Putin: Peskov answered - photo 1

We also wrote about how Lavrov explained the shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure, and told that Ukraine may completely ban the UOC.

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