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27 December 2020 12: 00
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"Fake president" and "irresponsible leader": Biden and Trump again publicly insulted each other because of helping unemployed Americans

Newly elected US President Joe Biden once again criticized Trump, calling him an "irresponsible leader" because of the situation with the relief package for the unemployed. Trump responded by saying that Biden is a "fake president."

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Fake president and irresponsible leader: Biden and Trump again publicly insulted each other because of helping unemployed Americans

Over the past day, on December 26, there were two cases of street executions in the United States, as a result of which four people died. The turbulent situation in politics is also - Trump continues conflicts with Biden in response to his accusations of irresponsibility.

This is reported  Fox News, Tramp on your Twitter.

Shooting in the USA

On December 26, in Lynn, Massachusetts, during the filming of a video, an unknown person opened fire on people, as a result, one person was shot dead. Five others were injured, two of them in critical condition.

Now the police continue to search for the perpetrator.

The second incident occurred at a bowling alley in Rockford, Illinois. There, an unknown person opened fire on people, killing three people - the same number were sent to hospital beds. As reported in the media, the perpetrator of the incident shot both in the middle of the building and outside. The police managed to arrest him.

Trump and Biden conflict over economic aid package

US President-elect Joe Biden, who is not recognized by the current Donald Trump, once again criticized the behavior of the head of the White House. Thus, Biden warned Trump that if he does not sign the economic assistance package that was adopted by the US Congress in the near future, this could have devastating consequences for the country.

We are talking about a package of economic stimulus, which was previously adopted by Congress, supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

Biden on Saturday, December 26, noted that if Trump does not sign this package by January 2021, 10 million Americans will be left without unemployment benefits. Such inaction, according to Biden, is highly irresponsible for the president.

The US economic stimulus package of about $900 billion provides for the payment of increased unemployment assistance until March 2021. In addition, most citizens should receive a lump sum of $600.

In turn, Trump also demands to increase the one-time payment to two thousand dollars and, if his demand is not satisfied, he threatens to veto the law.

Trump called Biden a "fake president"

25 days before the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, the current head of the White House, Donald Trump, called him a “fake president”, and the US elections are worse than in Afghanistan.

“A young military man who served in Afghanistan told me that the elections in Afghanistan are much safer and better than the 2020 elections in the United States. Ours, with millions and millions of mailed ballots, was like an election in a third world country. Fake President! Trump noted.

We previously reported that Donald Trump still does not recognize the results of the US presidential election and, according to some reports, may even decide to introduce martial law.

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