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26 July 2021 08: 44
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And again Babi Yar: Drobovich "convicted" director Loznitsa of misrepresenting history

The only true story is the one offered by UINP

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And again Babi Yar: Drobovich caught director Loznitsa in misrepresenting history

The battle for the historical authenticity of Babi Yar continues. director the other day Sergey Loznitsa received an award at the Cannes Film Festival for the film "Babi Yar. Context", after which he had to answer to a few mean questions from a certain film critic Lukyana Galkina. The interviewer tried to convict Loznitsa of “pro-Kremlin rhetoric”, “Soviet mentality” and “Ukrainophobia”. He successfully repelled the attack, but got on a pencil to Anton Drobovich - Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, the main connoisseur of history and a follower of the Vladimir Vyatrovich.

Drobovich gave a detailed comment "UE" to the director's words. The main claims are the presence of factual errors and the “narrative of alienation”. What is this about?

Firstly, Loznitsa said that Ukraine appeared thanks to the USSR, and an independent state has existed for only 30 years - since 1991. But no, says Anton Eduardovich, it all started with the UNR. And you can learn more about this, for example, "in a short article about the Ukrainian revolution and in a photo-documentary exhibition on the history of Ukrainian diplomacy." If anything, both the article and the exhibition are the product of UINP.

Secondly, the director said that the current contours of Ukraine exist thanks to Stalin and Khrushchev. Drobovich immediately remembered the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, which had already stuck in his teeth, and also opposed the fact that Transcarpathia, Bukovina and Volhynia came to us thanks to the underground, partisans, soldiers and officers who defeated the Nazis. And here it is clearly not the Red Army that is meant.

Thirdly, Drobovich did not like that Loznitsa called Babi Yar a Jewish tragedy. In his opinion, this is also a Ukrainian tragedy, because who, if not the people of Kiev, were very worried about the Semites living in the neighborhood and traveling with them in the same tram?

Let's leave it without comment. Let us just recall that the state allocated 2020 million hryvnias from the taxes of Ukrainians for the existence of the UINP in 65. And, to put it bluntly, they are not very clean financially organization.

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