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13 December 2022 09: 50
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There will be no more automatic extension of payments: in Ukraine, they began to accrue benefits and social benefits in a new way

The examination will have to pass the disabled, low-income and many other beneficiaries.

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There will be no more automatic extension of payments: in Ukraine, they began to accrue benefits and social benefits in a new way

Since November 30, Ukraine has introduced new approaches to the provision of state social assistance to the population during martial law. About it пишет "Legal Advisor for IDPs".

So, now need for re-examination to continue paying state social assistance persons with disabilities from childhood and children with disabilities, as well as persons not entitled to a pension and persons with disabilities.

Prior to the introduced changes, if such persons missed the inspection period to confirm the disability group, the payment of the relevant types of assistance did not stop for the period of the introduction of martial law and 1 month after its termination or cancellation. Now the absence of the results of the medical examination and confirmation of the disability group will be considered the basis for the termination of the relevant payments.

The term of previously assigned state aid automatically renewed only to persons residing in the communityincluded in the List of territorial communities located in the area of ​​military (combat) operations or under temporary occupation, encirclement. If the relevant company is excluded from the List, the payment continues in the current and next month after such exclusion. See the list for December in the order of the Ministry of Reintegration at the link, and it is updated regularly - on average once a month.

Persons who do not live in the territories of the communities from the list, payment without filing applications is extended to 31 December 2022 year (inclusive).

The social protection authorities are obliged inform beneficiaries and beneficiaries to terminate payments/benefits by sending a message by mail/e-mail/mobile communication, and explain the need to apply from January 1, 2023 to continue payments/benefits.

Therefore, persons who received state benefits payments automatically during martial law and now live outside the communities included in the List must apply for state assistance from January 1, 2023 in order to extend the payments.

At the same time, funds that were paid during the period of martial law and until the submission of new applications and documents are not refundable.

These changes relate to the following types of state social assistance and benefits:

  • state social assistance low-income families;
  • help for children single mothers;
  • assistance for children over whom guardianship or guardianship;
  • assistance for children with heavy perinatal lesions of the nervous system, severe congenital malformations, rare orphan diseases, oncological, oncohematological diseases, cerebral palsy, severe mental disorders, type I diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent), acute or chronic kidney disease IV degree, for a child who has received a severe injury, needs in organ transplantation, in need of palliative care, who have not been diagnosed with a disability;
  • monthly financial assistance to a person living with a person with a disability I or II groups due to a mental disorder, which, according to the conclusion of the medical commission of a medical institution, needs constant outside care, to care for him;
  • temporary government assistance to children whose parents avoid paying child support, do not have the opportunity to support a child or their place of residence is unknown;
  • temporary state social assistance to an unemployed person who has reached the general retirement age, but did not qualify for a pension payment;
  • help on accommodation for IDPs;
  • state social assistance to persons with disabilities from childhood and children with disabilities;
  • state social assistance to persons not entitled to a pension and persons with disabilities;
  • benefits that have already been awarded.

Thus, it will be necessary to apply to the social protection authorities after January 1 for those who received assistance this year without submitting an application.

Recall that on March 7, the Cabinet of Ministers issued Decree No. 214 on the automatic extension of payments of all state benefits and benefits for the period of martial law, but now they decided to limit this rate.

We also wrote about what can IDPs face through targeted inspectionsand told how to get financial assistance from Estonia to Ukrainians who find themselves in difficult conditions due to the war.

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