23 November 2022 18: 00

Airstrikes by Israel, Turkey and Russia - a new era in the Syrian war

The British media believe that the war in Syria threatens to escalate on at least three fronts.

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Airstrikes by Israel, Turkey and Russia - a new era in the Syrian war

War in Syria could have sunk into oblivion, but ongoing airstrikes Turkey, Russia and Israel show that regional interests are still at stake, and each of the three countries seeks to prevent rivals from gaining influence, пишет The Guardian. Open Syrian question increasingly overshadows the situation in an already troubled region.

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When a military plane flies over the plains of northern Syria, the characteristic roar can tell people on the ground who it belongs to and whether they need to hide. In the past few days, the task has become more complicated, since the air forces of three countries are in the Syrian sky at once. They are launching massive airstrikes like they haven't seen in three years, from the Mediterranean coast to the deserts to the east.

The presence of aircraft from Turkey, Israel and Russia confirms that the war in Syria is not over and threatens to escalate on at least three fronts. And even now, when the world is focused on the Ukrainian conflict, the unresolved Syrian issue is increasingly overshadowing the situation in the already troubled region.

The shelling began early on Saturday morning, when the Israeli Air Force attacked several targets along the coast and in the center of Syria.

Several Russian aircraft remaining in Syria took to the skies on Sunday evening and early Monday morning, with the support of the Syrian military, hitting areas of Idlib near the Turkish border.

Turkish airstrikes against Kurdish positions in northeast Syria followed on Sunday, after which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned of an impending ground offensive. A few hours after his statements, Kurdish militants launched a missile attack on the Turkish border town.

Turkey has carried out a slew of airstrikes on targets in northeast Syria in retaliation for a bombing in Istanbul last week that killed six people, for which Ankara blamed the PKK. The airstrikes are seen as a harbinger of a ground invasion to link the Turkish-controlled border Jerablus with the city of Tel Abyad.

"The war in Syria could sink into oblivion, — said Dr. Lina Khatib (Lina Khatib). — But continued Turkish, Russian and Israeli airstrikes show that regional interests are still at stake, with each of the three countries seeking to prevent rivals from gaining influence in Syria.".

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