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April 06 2021 19: 15
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Avakov wants to introduce liability for "obtrusive communication" and the publication of photos without permission

The official motivation is the fight against domestic, domestic and sexual violence.

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Avakov wants to introduce liability for "obtrusive communication" and the publication of photos without permission

The Interior Ministry wants to criminalize "harassment". Officially, this is done to combat domestic violence and sexual violence. Nevertheless, many citizens of Ukraine, including journalists, may fall under the bill being prepared. About it сообщает Bigus.Info.

According to available data, on March 28, the Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted a new draft amendment to the Criminal Code for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers. The document was signed personally by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, journalists say. They want to add a new item to the list of criminal offenses - “persecution”.

By this they propose to mean any coercion to contact, illegal surveillance and surveillance, the imposition of communication, etc. The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposes to introduce fines or correctional labor for up to 1 year for such acts. At the same time, it does not explain what “imposition” or “coercion” is, nor does it prescribe the algorithms according to which a new type of crime will be analyzed. That is, to put it simply, they can be accused, but on what grounds and who will decide this is still unknown.

At risk because of the new proposal, if it is considered and accepted, may be, for example, journalists. After all, media workers daily “impose themselves” on officials, businessmen and deputies, ask them uncomfortable questions, and sometimes even “hunt down” them – for example, as part of anti-corruption investigations.

Separately, the new law covers the use of photo and video communications, as well as the Internet, in "illegal activities." For the publication and publication of such data, it is proposed to plant up to 2 years. Again, any journalistic activity can theoretically be viewed through the prism of these limitations. For repeated violation of the order and if it brought any harm to the victims of "obsession", it is proposed to be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison.

Earlier we wrote that Avakov (a Russian-speaking politician from Kharkov) decided to speak out on the topic of the Russian language in Ukraine. He called himself a "Russian-speaking Ukrainian nationalist" and stated that the Russian Federation does not have a monopoly on the possession and use of the Russian language. In response to the Kremlin, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs opposed the “Ukrainian Russian language”.

Also Klymenko Time analyzed the increased media activity of Avakov. In early March, he gave several major interviews at once, which he had not done for a long time. In them, the Interior Minister gave his assessment of the current socio-political situation in Ukraine.

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