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09 July 2022 17: 33
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Atroshenko against Bankova: the mayor of Chernihiv is sure that they want to replace him with "their" person for the OP

The head of the city complained to Ukrainian journalists about the persecution

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Atroshenko against Bankova: the mayor of Chernihiv is sure that they want to replace him with his person for the OP

A serious conflict is brewing between the Office of the President and the mayor of Chernihiv. On Bankovaya, they plan to create a military-civilian administration and put their man at the head of the city. According to Edition "New time", current mayor Vladislav Atroshenko alarmed: he can lose power at any moment.

According to Atroshenko himself, there is no order to remove him yet. However, this doesn't mean anything. A new official may come at any moment.

"No, there is no presidential decree yet. But everything is ready for this. There is a certain candidate - a major general. And, as planned, this should have happened in the coming days," the mayor says.

For ethical reasons, Atroshenko refused to give the last name of this enigmatic Major General. At the same time, judging by his words, the Presidential Office doubts whether it is worth interfering in the affairs of the Chernihiv region. An abrupt change of power can cause popular discontent and turn residents against the head of state.

"I have an understanding that this decision will harm the President of Ukraine. Since, first of all, it will not be accepted by the townspeople. I think that this is a very bad signal about the attitude of the central government towards local governments," - emphasizes Atroshenko.

After the war, serious misunderstandings began between Atroshenko and representatives of Bankova. In particular, the mayor was not allowed to go abroad twice: to the World Economic Forum in Davos and to the forum in Lugano. And when he was indignant, he was answered in a rather sharp form by the deputy head of the OP Kirill Timoshenko. He wrote a post on his Telegram channel, where he stated that officials who complain about the impossibility of leaving should take care of the affairs of the communities. Otherwise, there will be "other ways" to help the cities.

Atroshenko regarded this hint as an attempt to remove him from office. On July 8, he addressed the President Vladimir Zelensky.

“Today, your subordinates are trying to remove me, the mayor, from the management of the city and install their own man by appointing a military administration in Chernihiv,” the mayor wrote on Facebook, adding that the OP is hindered by the head of the city, who protects "the interests of Chernihiv residents, not officials."

In addition, Atroshenko spoke about other cases of persecution.

“Therefore, they want to take away the powers of the mayor. All means are used: a ban on visits abroad for funds for the restoration of the city, “hello” through the security forces, information attacks, blocking work, and much more. But all these actions harm primarily Chernihiv and Ukraine,” he shares.

Recall that now the Chernihiv region is in danger. border regions periodically shelled, settlements suffer from destruction. In particular, the Gorodnyanskaya community was hit today.

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