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15 November 2021 12: 00
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Oleksandr Korniyenko: who is the new first vice-speaker of the Rada really?

Professional "blacksmith of happiness" for "servants of the people": how to fool people existentially.

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Oleksandr Korniyenko: who is the new first vice-speaker of the Rada really?

"The woman is working, like a ship's pine!" - these in words, said in June 2020 to his colleague in the faction, the then little-known to Ukrainians "servant of the people" Alexander Kornienko "became famous" throughout the country. He immediately received the image of a rude dork, and after obscene expressions addressed to opposition journalists, also a boor, which seemed to be emphasized by the self-satisfied grin that never left his face. However, many will probably be surprised to learn that until recently Kornienko's main profession was not to be rude to people, but to inspire them with confidence and happiness. Today we will introduce you to some details from the life of the new First Vice Speaker of the Parliament, which are not listed in his official biography.

Place of birth and business of parents

Alexander Sergeevich Kornienko was born on May 12, 1984 and, according to his biography, this joyful event took place in Kyiv. However, there is other information that claims that Kornienko was recorded as a resident of Kyivian only for the sake of prestige. Although his parents worked in the capital, they themselves are from the provinces: either from the village of Babintsy in the Borodyansky (now Buchansky) district of the Kyiv region, where they still live, or from the neighboring village of Buda-Babinetskaya, where their son Alexander Kornienko has a plot and house. Alternatively, they could use the services of the Kyiv maternity hospital, since it is much better than the village hospital.

Official information about his parents is rather scarce. From it it is only known that the mother of the “servant of the people”, Elena Petrovna Kornienko, once graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (now it is the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”). But if you dig a little into the databases that are still open, you can find that Elena Petrovna is the chairman of the Babinets rural election commission and a co-owner of ETEK-1020 LLC (the same company is recorded in Alexander Kornienko's declaration for 2019).

But then it’s more interesting: this enterprise appeared in investigative journalism corruption schemes of the former "people's mayor" of Sevastopol Alexei Chaly, who in 2014 organized a referendum in the city on the separation of Crimea from Ukraine. Since the 90s, Chaly has owned the Tavrida-Electric enterprise, which was first re-registered as Russian in 2014, and after the “energy blockade” of Crimea (end of 2015) began working in Ukraine through its subsidiaries Tavrida-Electric Ukraine and Tavrida -Electric Dnepr ", using gasket companies for dubious schemes. In particular, the following was reported about ETEK-1020:

“In the spring of 2018, ETEK-1020 LLC was registered in Kyiv for nominees: Elena Kornienko, a resident of the village of Buda-Babinetskaya, Kyiv region, and Alexei Sidorenko, a resident of Dnipro. Through this enterprise LLC "Enterprise" Tavrida-Electric Ukraine "immediately after its creation in 2018, withdrew almost 4,8 million hryvnia under the guise of providing financial assistance. Funds for the formation of the authorized capital of ETEK-1020 LLC were also taken from Tavrida-Electric Ukraine

Oleksandr Korniyenko: who is the new first vice-speaker of the Rada really? - photo 1

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the "people's mayor" of Sevastopol Alexei Chaly

Although the details of the relationship between Elena Kornienko and Alexei Chaly, unfortunately, remain unknown, it is unlikely that the mother of the people's deputy can be called just a figurehead. We managed to find out that Elena Petrovna has been working in the electric power industry almost all her life, starting with the state enterprise KievElectroMontazh. In 1994, several employees who previously studied at the KPI created NPO Elektrospets, which eventually grew into group of the same name, the main beneficiary of which is Vasily Parasyuk. Elena Kornienko appeared in it as a financial director and head of the personnel department, as well as an accountant for subsidiaries. By the way, in one of them, Elektrospets Plus LLC, her son Alexander Kornienko was listed as the head of the sector - which can be learned from his declarations for 2017 and 2019. But already between "Elektrospets" and "Tavrida-Electric" there could well be close business cooperation!

However, the compromising business of Elena Petrovna with the main collaborator of Sevastopol did not in the least prevent her husband Sergei Kornienko from being a staunch fan of Petro Poroshenko. The father of the “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko not only does not hide that he is a “powder bot”, but also emphasized this in every possible way on his Facebook page. Alas, this is the only thing that is known about him so far!

Oleksandr Korniyenko: who is the new first vice-speaker of the Rada really? - photo 2

Newspapers, music, Maidan

In 2001, Alexander Kornienko, following in the footsteps of his parents, entered the KPI, but chose the direction of chemical technology. However, science interested the young man much less than show business and the media. Already in his freshman year, he began to write articles for the website and a youth magazine. "Milk". And then the editor of "Milk" was Alexandra Koltsova - also known as Sasha Koltsova or Kasha Saltsova, frontman of the musical groups "Krykhitka Tsakhes" (1998-2007) and "Krykhitka" (since 2007), member of the board of the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (since 2017). It is worth noting that, being an ethnic Russian, and even born in the Astrakhan region, Koltsova, for some reason, suffers from Russophobic “self-hatred”, on the basis of which she became a fan of the West and “fell in love” with Ukrainian national patriotism.

Oleksandr Korniyenko: who is the new first vice-speaker of the Rada really? - photo 3

Alexandra Koltsova

Acquaintance and work with Koltsova was for Alexander Kornienko the beginning of his career in journalism and show business. According to unconfirmed information, it was not accidental: since Koltsova's father was a military engineer, he allegedly worked with Kornienko's parents.

Then, in 2003, Kornienko himself became the editor of the small-circulation youth newspaper Molodaya Gvardiya (no information about it has been preserved). Closer to the first Maidan in 2004, in which Kornienko participated either on his own initiative (it’s still more interesting than preparing for tests in chemistry), or went there after Koltsova, he established his own newspaper, Student. The newspaper was published on a grant, Kornienko was his own editor, journalist and publisher, and a small circulation was distributed almost free of charge to students of the same KPI, who were its only readers.

Probably, Kornienko very diligently helped Koltsova "light up" on the Maidan, because after the "orange revolution", in 2005, she took him to her group "Krykhitka Tsakhes" as a concert director and manager. But, given that this group gave its best concerts at rock festivals of the "second league" and recorded only a couple of albums without any hits, Kornienko's work could not be called such a big success in show business.

In 2006, not without the assistance of Koltsova, Kornienko became one of the executive producers of the creative association "The Last Barricade", created by "our Ukrainian" Oles Doniy with the aim of "aggressively" promoting Ukrainian-language music. Believing that the Russian language and “pro-Russian officials”, and not the low demand for their musical products, prevented its spread, the participants of the “Last Barricade” organized annual music and literary festivals, bringing “mova” to the masses and increasingly drifting from art to politics. Alexander Kornienko for two years of work in this association distinguished himself by participating in the organization of the festival "Independence Day with Makhno".

Coach man

Much less is known about the origins of Alexander Kornienko's career as a "social and business coach" or, as they are also called, coach. This gave rise to various rumors - for example, that Kornienko is allegedly a Scientologist. In fact, this is not so, but it all started after the Maidan in 2005, when the public organization Union of Initiative Youth (SIM) was established in Kyiv. Considering that organizations with the same name were also created in Russia and a number of other post-Soviet countries, it can be assumed that this was one of the Western grant projects.

Kornienko was one of the founders of the SIM as a representative of the KPI students. What the SIM members were doing at that time was not particularly advertised, but a year later, in 2006, a 5th year student Kornienko suddenly announced himself as a coach and began to offer his services as a social consultant for young people and a political one for participants in the then elections. However, there are several directions and "schools" of coaching, from almost religious sects to purely business programs, to which of them did Kornienko belong? This became clear after he left The Last Barricade and Tsakhes in 2008, going to study at the Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy.

Behind this high-profile naming was Nossrat Pezeshkian, a German psychotherapist of Iranian origin, an adherent of the Baha'i religious movement, who, on the basis of the philosophies and practices he learned from Baha'i, founded the method of the so-called. "positive psychotherapy", which he began to promote through the institute he opened in Wiesbaden (then called the academy). The method is quite harmless and recognized by Europe in the same way as collective yoga sessions, but it has a couple of nuances. First, everyone who seeks help from positive psychotherapy needs a coach-trainer. Secondly, these "trainers" are not necessarily certified psychotherapists, 99% of them are people who have completed special training courses and qualified as a consultant - which Alexander Kornienko also became.

Oleksandr Korniyenko: who is the new first vice-speaker of the Rada really? - photo 4

Member of the National Committee “MVARTI”, VMOO “Union of Initiative Youth” Alexander Kornienko during a press conference in UNIAN on the topic: “Youth Warta: were the promises to the youth fulfilled?”, in Kyiv on Wednesday, October 29, 2008. During press conferences National Committee of the Civil Campaign “Youth Warta: the youth are watching you!” announced the results of the fulfillment by representatives of political forces (NUNS, BYuT, BL, PR, KPU) of pre-election promises given to youth by political forces during the last parliamentary elections on September 30, 2007. Photo by Vladimir Gontar / UNIAN

Alexander Kornienko

By the way, it is not a fact that Kornienko was in Wiesbaden at all, since the Ukrainian-German Center for Positive Psychotherapy has been operating in Ukraine since 1997, and in 2005 it was transformed into the Ukrainian Institute for Positive Psychotherapy - in which, in fact, he received a certificate consultant. And there is also information that Alexander Kornienko found his future wife Olga Alexandrovna Kornienko among the same “trainers” of positive psychotherapy. And for more than 10 years she has been working in the psychological camp "Vacations of the Soul", and is also a co-owner of Timmaster LLC, which organizes recreation and leisure.

Already since 2008, Alexander Kornienko began to "practice" positive psychotherapy as a social coach-trainer. Of course, he did not have his own office, so he participated in team trainings, along with other "positive psychotherapists", in the "International School of Trainers" program. It was not easy to attract customers from the street, so the stake was placed on corporate trainings, on work with organizations and enterprises - among which were such well-known ones as TEZ TOUR Turkey, EPAM, Arcelor Mittal Kryvorizhstal,, Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas.

Since 2010, Kornienko has retrained from social coaching to business consulting. But, apparently, then things didn’t work out too well for him, because in 2011 he returned back to Sasha Koltsova, having worked for two more years as the manager of the Krykhitka group. And, again, together with Koltsova, he took an active part in the second Maidan - after which the vocalist took up volunteering and social activities, and the group actually faded away, ceasing to give concerts. She no longer needed the services of a manager.

Kornienko again engaged in political consultations, and here he was waiting for a little success. In 2015, unexpectedly for everyone, a candidate from Self-Help Alexander Senkevich was elected mayor of Nikolaev, in whose election headquarters Kornienko worked. How did he get carried from Kyiv to Nikolaev? It's very simple: Kornienko has a friend Alexander Sanchenko, with whom they even created a "club" musical duet "Two Sashas". In the parliamentary elections of 2014, Sanchenko launched the all-Ukrainian youth project “Your Voice”, and also helped the election of the candidate from “Self-Help” Oleksiy Skrypnyk from Lviv (a coincidence, but Skrypnyk and his parents are also connected with the electric power industry), whose assistant he then became. After that, he recommended the services of his friend Kornienko to the candidate from Self-Help Senkevich.

"Sect of happiness" Zelensky

In 2015, improving his skills, Kornienko began to study the course of "existential coaching" at the school of Yuri Kravchenko (trainer of the "International Coaching Institute"). Using Sienkiewicz's success as an advertisement, he is offering his services to increasingly wealthy clients - judging by the fact that his business income in 2017-2019. amounted to six and seven figures. Unless, of course, these trainings were used as shadow financial schemes, as is usually done in Ukraine with the help of all kinds of consulting services.

How Alexander Kornienko got into the team of Vladimir Zelensky remains an unsolved intrigue. Because, for example, David Arakhamia, with whom Kornienko has been closely acquainted since 2015 during the election of Senkevich, came to the Servant of the People much later than him. In addition, Kornienko immediately received a very important role. Firstly, he was Zelensky's coach and some members of his team - this is precisely what some explained Vladimir Alexandrovich's excessive self-confidence and his strange worldview, somewhat divorced from reality. Secondly, Kornienko did not fail to organize later trainings for candidates and deputies of the Servant of the People (mastering the party fund). Thirdly, having headed the official election headquarters of Ze!Team, Kornienko helped organize the filling of election commissions with ordinary volunteers who worked practically for the idea, for free and in good conscience. In general, complete existentialism!

Only one episode can help to understand what exactly Kornienko fills the heads of some characters in power. In September 2019 he wrote on Facebook, which has been “dealing with the topic of happiness” for many years, and now I am very glad that this topic has come out of the mouth of President Zelensky on the scale of making the whole country happy. This suggested that Kornienko sees the relationship between voters and the authorities in the form of some kind of "sect of happiness." Isn’t that why Zelensky constantly says “everything is good with us, everything is growing with us”, and some servants of the people demand that journalists not write negative news?

In the list of "Servants of the People" Kornienko went under No. 7, not forgetting to attach No. 137 to his friend Sanchenko (he became a People's MP after Vedeniktova left for the Prosecutor General's Office). And when, in November 2019, he was elected speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Razumkov resigned as chairman of the Servant of the People party, they were assigned to Alexander Kornienko.

Two years later, after the forced resignation of Razumkov, which Kornienko contributed in every possible way (apparently, the main "smith of fortune" did not get along with the political strategist of the party), he was appointed first vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, sitting on the presidium next to Stefanchuk. After that, Kornienko announced his intention to resign as head of the Servant of the People party (not a parliamentary faction, it is headed by Arakhamia). A new intrigue arose - who will take the place of the chairman of the ruling party?

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