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14 November 2021 16: 58
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"Agressorophob" Kondratyuk told why he cannot show his passport to Russian customs officers and why Ukrainians do not want to be vaccinated

Showman believes that anti-vaccinators are exclusively Zelensky's electorate.

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Aggressorophob Kondratyuk told why he cannot show his passport to Russian customs officers and why Ukrainians do not want to be vaccinated

Once producer and showman Igor Kondratyuk suggested to his friends on Facebook sign a petition on a complete ban on concert activities for all Russian artists on the territory of Ukraine, having surprised many Ukrainians with his Russophobic sentiments, he decided to shed light on his attitude towards the Russian Federation and declared that he was not a Russophobe, but an "aggressorophob". Kondratyuk also admitted that until 2014 he regularly met the New Year near Moscow at the host of the Russian show "What? Where? When?" Andrey Kozlov.

The producer shared his memories on the air "Radio Liberty".

“The last time I celebrated the New Year in Russia was from 2013 to 2014. Traditionally, as a family, almost without exception, we celebrated the New Year for 10 years in a row, celebrated the New Year near Moscow ... We had a very big lively discussion on the first day of the night, dispute, op, one might say, about the Maidan. They did not understand"- stressed Kondratyuk.
According to him, since that time his foot has not set foot on Russian soil.

"For me, this story called "Russian Federation" is dead. Because I don't know how I can show my passport at the state border of the aggressor country"- said the producer.

He suggested that the people who would check his documents could be in Donetsk in the spring of 2014, or even now. And when asked by the presenter whether Kondratyuk is a Russophobe, he called himself an "aggressorophob".

And already in the interview "Telegraph" Kondratyuk spoke about Ukraine, in particular, about Vladimir Zelensky and his government, while somehow linking the refusal of many Ukrainians to be vaccinated with the fact that in 2019 they cast their vote for Zelensky.

"It would be very strange if Volodymyr Zelensky turned out to be a phenomenally talented state administrator, a statesman from the very first day of his term in office ... We did not see him as a volunteer who would declare himself as the same Prytula. We did not see that Zelensky worries about the troubles of Ukraine. And why would he change if he became president? If things continue as they are now, I'm afraid we will rake up the results of his rule for a long time to come, - said the producers added, - sadness, our "wise people" first choose Zelensky, and then do not want to be vaccinated. It's probably related. Or I'm wrong?".

Kondratyuk also called the possible second presidential term of Vladimir Zelensky - the most dismal scenario for Ukraine, which will have to be "raked" even longer.

Recall that the showman's petition to ban concerts of Russian stars in Ukraine still got 25 thousand votes и the President of Ukraine was forced to answer it. In general, Zelensky thanked Kondratyuk for his active citizenship and said that the stars that threaten national security are already denied entry, which, in principle, can be regarded as a polite refusal

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